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Interview with Mischo Erban: The IDF, the World Record, and recovering from injury

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Dan Pape: Lots of big things happening for you Mischo, so we wanted to thank you for taking the time to hit us up with your first interview since your IDF annoucement. Before we get into that, how’s GMR Skateboards & Ronin Trucks doing? What’s the latest on that whole deal?

Mischo Erban: Everything is going great! Happy with the continued support and growth we are receiving and super excited to be releasing a cast version of our trucks in mid-December! Can’t wait for that!

Where are you living now?

I am living in Vienna, Austria.

Why there? Are you going to stay there for a while?

So that I could live here with my girlfriend. It helped get rid of the “long distance” part in our relationship and I am happy that I made the move! I think we will live here for at the very least another 2-3 years and then maybe move to Canada. Not really sure.

So I asked you for this interview a few days before you announced the IDF news. Can you bring SKS readers up to speed? No pun intended .

After much thought on my future plans for involvement with the sport and the love for it that I have, I realized that IDF was the right choice for both myself and for the sport. Being built on a democratic system it already has a more malleable nature to it so that it can adapt with the times.

I decided to join the team that had already set out on the journey and was happy to hear that they accepted me in as the 7th and final member of the original board of members.

[Your Guinness Record] speeds are insane, what did you do to prepare for that? What do you credit the most: The gear, the helmet, the suit, or the tuck?

Riding on a regular basis to keep all the “skateboarding” muscles in shape was the main thing. Going to the gym can only do so much but nothing beats actually doing what you are training for! Tuck is always the overall factor for most speed attempts.

The catch is that your tuck can only hold well if your setup is stable. For the record I had my GMR Skateboards M80 with 184mm wide Ronin Trucks with a 40˚/30˚ baseplate combination and 85mm Seismic Speed Vents… pretty much my go-to setup for speed stuff. Riding with Ronin Trucks still feels like a dream. They really do what you want them to do and not the other way around!

Let’s go back to your recent IDF announcement. To be clear, what is your role?

By title, I am a rider representative. My role in the group is to help shape the future of the sport and help build the defining rules, regulations and other aspects that will define how things are run. The entire group is working together very closely and it’s a pleasure to be working with such amazing people.

Will the Vernon DH still be going down?

I am definitely not letting go of it and it will be back on for next year! I still have to fit that into my schedule and start organizing it. Like always, I will be doing my best to keep everyone smiling and happy!

Under the IDF?

Of course, but as to what detail and so forth is still being determined in the overall Federations groundwork currently taking place.

How are you going to manage the Vernon DH, Ronin Trucks, GMR Skateboards, the IDF, and shattering speed records?

With my insanity.

Sounds like a legit plan, think it’s gonna work?

Hahaha! Insanity isn’t a good enough start? At least that way I don’t realize I might be in over my head. Being ambitious is good when you have the passion for it. I guess I have always had room to be more efficient with my time, and dedicating it to things that are important to me is becoming easier.

Hey, are you even Canadian?

Yes! I have my citizenship, passport, driver’s license and everything to prove it!

Hahaha, just buggin’. But seriously, what is your status, are you a dual-citizen?

Yes, I have Citizenship in both Canada and the Czech Republic so moving to Europe was no big deal, especially within EU countries like Austria.

Where were you born exactly?

In the world’s most beautiful city: Prague in the Czech Republic.

How is like living there vs. here?

It’s not a problem. I learned German in high school and managed to remember enough of it to have a good base. I have been steadily building my vocabulary but the grammar seems to escape me at times! It’s been really cool to have a different perspective and simply living something different than one is used to. So many neat little perks here like tax being included in the cost of items. This way you can easily do the math of how much groceries will cost, down to the penny or you know exactly how much 5 Euros will get you.

There is so much deep culture and history here; you don’t have much of that in North America. Something I definitely miss about Canada is the great outdoors and the friendly people. I am not saying people here aren’t nice but Canadians really are much more open, sometimes more than they need to be. I miss that.

Now for a few tough questions…

Some riders have commented that they should have been told about the speed record…what are your thoughts on that?

A lot of people find this to be a touchy subject. It used to be for me but I am far over this. In 2010 I may have felt bad about it but not this time round. The reality of the situation is that in both locations it would not have been possible to run a full event. The first time was not something planned well in advance but the effort to seize an opportunity, should it arise, was there. For this year’s event I worked on the plan since the winter of 2010 to take the next steps and try to up the game.

I attempted to make a competition but was denied. So, I decided to follow through on my own mission to go faster. In June I realized my goal but was still left wanting more as I had hoped to achieve about 140km/h. This has turned into something I see no one else pushing or taking his or her own time and resources to organize. I don’t see it that I took anything away from anyone at all. If people feel like I lit a fire underneath them, good. It’s easy for anyone to say they would’ve joined in too if they had known, but nothing was ever stopping them then or now.  I did it, so can someone else. People in motion, that’s what it’s all about.

This sport has been built on a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, all for what? Money? I still believe it’s been about the love for the sport and the feeling you get as a person knowing that everyone is out there giving their 110% and smiles are sprouting up left, right, and centre. From rider to fan and everything in between, we are all a part of something amazing!

What did Marcus say when you told him you were backing down from a role with the IGSA?

Well, I would be lying if I didn’t say he was disappointed.

photo by Dimitri Elson

So what’s your plan over the winter?

My plan is to work on getting my shoulder back in shape and focus on getting back to racing next season. I have been enjoying the off-time and really being able to slow everything down and really look at what’s important, what I want to do, and where I want to go. Of course life always has parts that feel like you are waiting and other parts where you want to press pause but you can’t. Spending time with my family, friends, and loving girlfriend during the holidays is something I am really looking forward to!

You’ve got a bum shoulder now, what’s going on there?

I dislocated it a few days after Peyragudes in Switzerland and had an operation on it at the beginning of October. I am really happy I had the surgery. The whole process pointed out more and more information that led to a much worse dislocation that previously thought. Now I am on the healing path and enjoying the freedom of mobility. Physiotherapy has been adding plenty of range of motion with every session!

Mischo and IDF President Cyrille “Koma” Harnay (photo by Dimitri Elson)

Any final words or a final statement?

I will be putting in my best efforts to make sure that next year will be one to remember. I hope that everyone else will be doing the same. People need to start realizing that we all have to share some responsibility and take action to make things happen, help or at the very least offer our support. Without ambition, motivation, and discipline, we wouldn’t have all the luxuries we can enjoy today. Life is exactly what you make it, from the physical world to the mental!

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  1. Brandon Bean

    Mischo Erban will always be my favorite rider. When I first started he took me and Marcel in at his place, put us up for the night and went to skate with us the next day. I had never met him before in my life. He even hung out with our slow asses on the way down instead of just taking off. I credit Mischo for getting me involved in racing.

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