Andrew Schumaker Interview: Ghost Maker Signature Riviera Skateboard

Andrew Schumaker has not only gone full Resource, he’s just got himself a Riviera Signature Model Skateboard. Schu isn’t just stoked to ride, he’s the guy running up the hill just to come down and butt drop the ramp or get slammed trying the dirt line no one wanted. Never under estimate the power of stoke. Wining a race won’t make you a better person or have more fun, but skating with Schu just might. We got Andrew on the email machine and asked him a few questions to go with his new Riviera video and some photos from Mark Nisbet.

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Hey Andrew! Can you introduce yourself for the interwebs please?

I’ll try my best!!! Hahaha. I’m Andrew Schumaker and I’m 23 years old. I was born in Torrance Ca, spent my younger years growing up in Redondo Beach and San Pedro. I rep Riviera Skateboards, Pairs Trucks, Divine Wheels, S1 Hlmets, Timeship Racing, Kreep Skate Goods, and Xtreme Boardshop Glendora.

You recently got picked up by Resource and are riding the full package now right? How did that come about and why Resource (Paris, Divine, Riviera, Timeship)?

Yup!!!! Full Resource is tight shnit. Real people, that care about the industry so much. I’m lucky to have been given a lot of focus from all the brands. It all started with Divine around the first Catalina Island Classic when Tommy Watson gave me his spot to race. I asked Dubes [Brent Dubendorff] if I could buy some scrubbed sets of him, and he asked if I wanted flow. I’ve been Divine ever since and the rest has just followed where others left off. Resource is a family of amazingly hard working individuals that are about as professional as it gets and have supported me where others didn’t fit as well. I also now have some of the best riders in the industry as team mates and good friends. Couldn’t be more thankful.

Mark Nisbet Andrew Schumaker Riviera Skateboards Skate Slate 5

Riviera Skateboards family sessions down in Southern California often include Brad Parker, Brent Dubendorff and Schu-guessed it, Andrew Schumaker.

This is your first signature deck, but this isn’t your first custom deck for yourself, tell me about some of the things you rode to get to this board now and why is this your board, what’s rad about it?

Yeah I’m excited about my board!!!! I’m exited about the name and shape a lot. Very surfy and very simple. I’ve ridden a lot of boards and I’ve found that simplicity is the best for me. Well placed, subtle features are what it’s about. I’ve also found rocker makes for a great kicktail. People are gonna be stoked on the Ghost Maker.

Mark Nisbet Andrew Schumaker Riviera Skateboards Skate Slate 4

Never a dull moment, Schu wears his stoke and his, just give’r, steez on his face.

I personally think it looks dope (gotta get me one buddy!), but I was shocked to see you pick something with so little nose and tail, I know you like to smash slappies and get kooky with transition and wack features, so why so DH oriented and not more hybrid?

You know me Les!!!! There’s more than meets the eye. It’s got a solid amount of rocker and some w. The rocker and short wheelbases gives you a kicktail that works really well. I’ve been skating more downhill and focusing on going fast, and keeping my street skating/park skating separate. I prefer to ride a street board if I can for hybrid. It just feels right.

Mark Nisbet Andrew Schumaker Riviera Skateboards Skate Slate 8

Pushing out some thane with Justin Reynolds on the lens.

When I met you years ago for the first time, it was your energy that really caught my attention. Someone asked on our Instagram (@skateslate) why are you running up the hill? What’s up with that?

It’s less energy, more PASSION!!! I love skateboarding more than a lot of people, if not more than everyone. I have so much feel for what skateboarding is going through, that I let it stoke me out too much or bring me all the way down to rock bottom depression. Skateboarding is my everything. I’ve always tried to run up hills because it makes your legs stronger, but mainly because I’m so stoked to get that next run or that next photo.

Mark Nisbet Andrew Schumaker Riviera Skateboards Skate Slate 7

The always stoked, all smiles, Andrew Schumaker.

We all slam, but you go harder in the paint than almost anyone. One of my favorite clips of you is actually unreleased (I think) from Trent Stake.. you smash a corner, should drift, don’t and then eat shit and curb hard and then just walk away like it was nothing… what’s one of your most memorable slams prototyping and testing this board?

Honestly I didn’t have too many while prototyping this deck. I kinda gave myself a credit card at this years AGENDA trade show after attempting a heelflip. Lol. Luckily I landed one at the Hookups booth, so all the free soju kept me from feeling much. Trying to keep the gnarly crashes to a minimum this year.

What’s the plan for 2015, and clear trips or spots you’re shooting to skate?

This year is gonna be nuts. Stoked a lot for Xtreme Boardshop and the crew around this area to skate with. Good people. I’ll be hitting Catalina Island Classic, S.L.A.P., maaaybe Pikes Peak, and I hoping I’m possibly going to Europe as well as South America this year! A Canada trip is well needed so I’m hoping to get up there as well. I miss you guys!

Mark Nisbet Andrew Schumaker Riviera Skateboards Skate Slate 2

Schu dippin inside for the left. Mark Nisbet Photo.

If Skate Slate came up on Tinder, would you swipe left or right?


Shout outs? Last rights? Open mic… what say Schu?

Ultimate shout out goes to Dubes. The guy helped me with so much in my career. Second is Justin Reynolds, my tm for Riviera. Joey Pulsifer! All the homies working at resource. YOU!!!! PAPA LES!!! You got me this interview so thanks dude. Will and Joe at XBS Glendora. Alex Ameen has been killing it for S1 Helmets. I wanna thank Brad Parker, James West, Amanda Powell, Ryan Ricker (hyped on him being my new TM for Divine), Levi Green, Aaron Enns, Brian Peck (So lucky to have this legend as my TM at Paris!), Lonnie Leonelli, Chef Nugs, Nuggetry, Lorenzo Camez, Bryan Cardona, Zook, Andre, my dad, and God. That’s about all.

Jah Bless. That list could put an Oscar speech to shame. Thanks Schu. Hope to see you at Danger Bay 14 buddy… don’t blow it! 

Thanks to Justin Reynolds for organizing and Mark Nisbet for photos!