Push In The Woods 2016 / PDX SGS / Garage Race Recap

This 4th annual event went down on Sunday October 2nd on the first rainy day this event has seen, but not too uncommon in Oregon. That didn’t stop 50 plus riders from coming out to experience NW distance racing at Push In The Woods for 5K and 10K. Located in Banks, Oregon which is 40 mins West of Portland on the Banks Vernonia State trail. It’s a beautiful stretch of narrow pavement leading through a lush forest. Riders from as far as NYC came out to compete against locals and others from around the nation.


The Start of the 5K Race. Photo by Cory Poole.


The Start of the 10K race. Photo by Robin McGuirk.


The podiums spots were a five way battle of 4 top seeded East coast riders vs our top local of the day Soloman Bilderback. Each fought hard for a combo of the top finishes in each of the two races. Two brothers Will and Max Frank from New Jersey battled hard with NYC riders Kyle Yan and Harrison Tucker. In the end, Will won the 5K and Kyle won the 10K. Max took 3rd in the 5K and Sol took 3rd in the 10K. All of them and a few others like Lance Curry from Texas all travel on the IDSA tour of sanctioned distance skateboard races, going around the country collecting points for the year. This event was part 2 of the NW region with the Centennial Skate Fest going down the weekend before in Arlington, WA (near Seattle).

10K riders making their way out to the 5K marker and back. Photo by Robin McGuirk.


Riders deep in the forest. Photo by Mark Strouts.


Start and finish of the 10K race. Photo by Tracey Beaupre.


Open Podium – Soloman Bilderback (PDX) 3rd, Will Frank (NJ) 1st, Kyle Yan (NYC) 2nd.


Women’s Podium – Makenna Berry 3rd, Autumn King 1st, Penelope Poole 3rd, Heather Powell 2nd.


Overall Winner with the best combined time for both races – Will Frank from New Jersey.


The event couldn’t have been possible without the group effort of all the volunteers on the day of the event running registration and the official timing for the races. Check out all the results here –

Every rider also received a free Event T-shirt designed and provided by our main sponsor Daddies Board Shop! They have always supported this event and have been a huge part of the longboarding scene in Portland since the early 2000s. The sponsors on the back of the T-shirt also contributed prize money for podium finishers and prizes for everyone else.

Tons of prizes donated by all of the generous sponsors! They were given out to the youngest riders first, then the ladies, and then the masters. The rest were tossed out to the crowd!


Additional races were also hosted by Eastside Longboards the day before on October 1st. First was the Mt.Tabor PDX SGS 2016 in the morning. Riders tested their skills in patchy conditions on a Super Giant Slalom course known as the Death Race for it’s hazardous cone placement forcing riders to the edge of the road and through obstacles such as potholes, debris, and cement walls to avoid. 3 timed runs per rider, fastest time wins! Luckily there were no broken bones this year and only some minor road rash.

Moonshine rider and Mt.Tabor local Gordon Miller. Photo by Itzu Chin.


Daddies Rider and Eastside Longboards event host Robin McGuirk. Photo by Itzu Chin.


Eastside rider Nick Calafato charging the final stretch. Photo by Itzu Chin.


PDX SGS 2016 – Mt.Tabor Death Race: 2nd Nick Calafato, 1st Robin McGuirk, 3rd, Skip Marcotte.


On Saturday night October 1st was the first PDX Garage Race featuring a parkade format with a mass start of thirty plus riders on the first round. The last 4 riders of each round were eliminated and the rest remained racing until the final 6 riders were left. The final heat was limited to a one push start to keep it exciting and the racing tight. Lance Curry out of Dallas, Texas from Team No Bull took the win with his superb pumping skills against five Portland locals.


PDX Garage Race 2016: 2nd Gordon Miller, 1st Lance Curry, 3rd Sam Radtke.