Catching Up With Malachi Greene: Music, Skateboards and School, Oh My!

Dorothy will tell you the you there’s no place like home, but no offence to anyone, I rather be in Santa Cruz than Kansas. While the Wonderful Wizard has many lessons from Oz, there is something to be said for following the proverbial yellow brick road at all. It’s not easy, but there is a lot more to appreciate about home when you take the hard road to get most everywhere. Malachi Greene, my personal Dorothy for this story, has been grinding it out along the way, and while he has had a few forays into the wilderness to find his centre, the skater, musician, and now UCSC student, is starting to find his stride. I caught up with Malachi recently to check in on his efforts with Randal Truck Co, a new board he’s been working on with Dusters California and more. Catch up on all things Malachi below.

Thanks to Robert Keller for the film photos.

Malachi, what the fuck is up! How’s screaming in a microphone to sweaty mounds of flesh?

It’s going well. I haven’t been fronting a band for awhile. Recently I’ve been playing bass in a new project called Jawstruck. I book a lot of hardcore shows in Santa cruz as well.

Lets get some links on this a bit later… How about UCSC? You’ve been accepted, right?! Congrats! How stoked are you? What’s your major?

Thank you so much man. I’m really hyped. I never thought I would go to college when I was in high school. My major is Film and I’m working on getting a BFA.

Last we talked you were doing team management and riding for Randal and then you were starting to flirt with Dusters California? What’s good with those two?

I am still working with Randal as Team/Brand Manager, and I love it. The team, and everyone involved kills it. I’m also now a team rider for Dusters. I love working with Dusters. Nano the TM is fucking funny, and has a really good way of looking at things that helps the brands direction. The team is rad too. I haven’t had so much fun on a trip. Tom, Justin, and Brent kill it on all fronts. Justin literally shreds everything from water, snow, and bowls. Tom is a all around good dude, and destroys snow, street, and transition. He does like male modeling shit too, so like it’s kinda funny to stand next to him and realize how ugly I am.

Hey now! You’ve got face for radio my friend and I think you’re cute as a button ;)

I heard a rumour you were helping create a new board with your styling in mind. It looks like this might be a proto here in these photos?

FUCK YEAH! I made this shape with Dusters a little while ago, and we have been testing it for a bit. It’s a fairly simple, but like the shape is made so your feet really have control, and comfort where they need to be in a tuck, and sliding. I’m definitely stoked.

When does it drop officially?

I actually have no idea. I think pretty soon, but I don’t control that part. I’m just happy I have a couple to ride. Soon, is what I understand.

What’s good with Catalina? I hear your heading out there and Dusters is involved?

Hell Yeah I am! Catalina race is coming up and I’m so stoked. Im actually running/playing a show the night before that too, ha ha, so I’m flying out super late or super early and from there I’m skating and filming for awhile after as well.

What Randals are the go to for you?

The R3s hands down. 50 degree are solid.

You’re not that old. I assume this was satire? I mean I know you’re old and crusty since birth at heart but.. what’s the deal with this Facebook video?

hahahhhahahahahahah I don’t really know I was kinda poking fun at the new kids I mean most the young guys in the spot light these days learned stand up slides before foot braking or how to coleman. when I first started downhill skating free ride was like just starting to be a thing, and like pre drifting was just being fully developed. I came in at a pivotal time, and so I feel old and wanted to make fun of that. I was making fun of myself a lot too. a lot of it had to do with me being weird and just goofing around. I mean Im 22, but Im kinda crusty, and salty

I know you have been out skating with some of the Randal crew, who are the young guys riding Randal right now?

Justin Vivian, Kyle Castro, Andrew Medeiros, Remy Schofield, Carly Bizama, and a few others who I send trucks to. All great people and fun to skate and chill with.

Got some fresh content to drop soon? I mean I saw a few short videos, but I keep hearing about you out filming?

Yeah definitely. I mean I’m out as much as I can be, and you’ll be seeing more, and more videos on the Randal front in a minute here. I like pushing out kinda grassroots edits, and keeping people entertained who get the vibe. A lot of companies now days make huge productions out of every video, and you know that takes the fun out of it sometimes for me. I have a lot on the go and love what I am doing with life. It’s fun to drop everything and go, but sometimes that means you have to leave things behind as well. Not bashing them at all, because I love watching them. I just really like the idea that anyone can their board and a camera, and skate with friends any time without necessarily all the bells and whistles. Just getting out on an afternoon session with your friends. Because thats when you had to skate. I hope what some of our edits inspire.

Summers about to hit, how have the rains been in your hood? Seems California took a beating for what you’re all used to?

The rain has been douching this place. It’s been fucking my plans up too, and like putting some shit on the back burner that I’ve been wanting to film. We need it though we had like no water in california for awhile.

Whats good with the season coming? Besides Catalina, what do you have planned?

I want to hit Giants Head, Colorado, and the East Coast. Maybe some other spots too. My old TM Connor Wells keeps telling me to come film in Montana I’m thinking about it.

We always ask for video links, where can we find your music online?

Music wise I have video Channel called Poorly Funded Angst where you can see some of the shows I put on and go to.

I have my previous band No Greater Fight on Bandcamp

My current Band JAWSTRUCK

Lets wrap this up. Last words? Shout outs? Threats?

First up, keep a look out for media Randal is putting out, and especially the media we are about to put out with Dusters!

Shout out to my sponsors Dusters, Randal, SC Boardroom, Divine, S1 Helmets. Mids for life.
Shout out to my family The Conroys, The Hogans, and American Graffiti Tattoo shop.
My employer Zameen Cuisine.
Shout out to Chubbs, and Mrs. Lauren Chubbs.
To Les and Skate Slate for all the love
Shout out to Bane/hardtimes shows and

Last Words, hopefully not… but,
We are in a pivotal point in history. Their is a lot of hate, and frustration in the world right now especially in the U.S., and I want people to remember that black, white, Chicano, Latino, Asian, Trans, LGBTQ, and any other race, or gender that we can not target just one group of people and put the blame on them like what is being pushed on us today. We need to acknowledge that minorities are not given equal rights, and to ally them in anyway we can. We as a people need to be open minded, and non judgmental to those different from us. We are all people, and no one should be treated less than others based on their skin color, sexual preference, gender identity, or religion.

We are a community of skateboarders, and everyone should be welcomed to it, unless you are against equality for all, in which case fuck off.

Threats, definitely…
If you are against treating everyone equally, and are racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, and / or otherwise hateful toward other religions and peaceful people. I got a boot for your throat ANYTIME ANYWHERE!

Keeping it real as always Malachi. Thanks for the interview!