Boarding Media // Best of 2017

Boarding Media and Turner Williams have been consistently putting out some great content featuring events, riders, shops, and just general foolery and funtimes from around the downhill scene, especially in California. Better late than never for sure, we’re stoked to see they put together a Best of 2017 edit for us all to enjoy.

More from Boarding Media:

A bit late, but here’s the highlights from the year of 2017. I’m incredibly stoked on all the adventures we had last year, and am looking forward to what’s in store for 2018! HUGE THANKS to Kyle Peterson @ VCDH_media for countless follow car runs this year. Shoutout to all the riders that sent it in front of the lens this year.

LETS GO 2018!

Riders (in order of appearance):
Anthony Clark
Cole Trotta
Marcus Reese
Tyson Brown
Noah Fisher
Mason Murphy
Shane Sussman
Nick Broms
Morgan Smith
Schuyler True
Aaron Enns
Collin Kruse
Adrien Paynel
Turner Williams
Lamin Cassama
Chandler Melo
Doug McAlpine
Christian Myers
Brandon DesJarleis
Leo Korpie
Frank Russo

Chakra, W&W x Vini Vici
The Paradox, Excision
Florence the Machine, No Light No Light (Instrumental)