Euro Tour Preview 2011

By Ramón Königshausen

This article will give you a rough idea on what’s going down in Europe this summer. It’s not all about the IGSA Eurotour but also, there are other events gathering around the IGSA races that deserve just as much attention!

Here’s a quick overview of what I’m gonna tell about:

June 6th – July 3rdExtremsportsveko Voss, Norway
July 8-9 Beton on Fire, Altenberg, Germany
July 20-23 Kozakov Challenge, Kozakov, Czech Republic
July 29-31 Insul Cup, Insul Germany
Aug 5-7 Padova Grand Prix, Teolo, Italy
Aug 12-14 Verdicchio European Championships, Castelplanio, Italy
Aug 14-22 KnK Longboard Camp, Osilnica, Slovenia

Long before the IGSA Euro World Cup tour starts, internationals have already arrived in Europe. Or better put: They’re gathering in Switzerland, where some of the gnarliest roads on the most epic hills are located. Skate[Slate] Ambassador Patrick Switzer landed in Zurich last Thursday, South African Champion Matt Arderne last Friday. Both will be attending the “Extremsportsveko” in Voss, Norway.

CAPTION: Patrick Switzer arrives in Switzerland

After Voss, Patrick and I will be devoting two weeks time to freeriding all of Switzerland until we head out to Kozakov, Czech Republic. At the same time a small group of downhill speedboarders are invited to Beton on Fire – A unique event held in the Altenberg bobsled track. Check out my raw run down the track in 2010 and make sure you also watch Yvon’s edit for it!

Kozakov Challenge is the first out of four IGSA races on the Eurotour. This year is the third edition of the event, held at the top of a lookout mountain in the north-west of Czech Republic. By many, Kozakov is recognized as the best and most challenging event out of the Eurotour. The track is fast, technical, has a high average speed and calls for tactical racing as well as skill throughout the corners.

Track Facts:

Date: July 20-23
Country: Czech Republic
Type: Highspeed with technical corners, 3 Hairpins, high average speed
Length: 3.4
Top Speed: 97km/h

Top Qualifiers:
2010 Christoph Batt (SUI)

2009 1st Martin Siegrist (SUI), 2nd Christoph Batt (SUI), 3rd Sebastian Hertler (GER)
2010 1st Christioph Batt (SUI), 2nd Kevin Reimer (CAN), 3rd Jackson Shapiera (AUS)

Challenge: Deal with high speed and tech corners, tactical racing due to long straight before finish line
Edition: 3rd

Top Contenders: Martin Siegrist, Patrick Switzer, Jackson Shapiera, Boris Schinke, Douglas Silva, Michael Oury, Andrew Chapman, Mischo Erban

Enjoy the next 12 minutes with one of the best longboard videos made so far:


Insul Cup 2011 is located in the east part of Germany in a region called “Eifel” where they make some of the best Schnitzel in all of Germany! (For the Canadian fellows I recommend the one that comes with bacon on top!). Insul sold out in less than two hours – which of course caused some uproar with people being upset having missed the registration. (Who could have expected it would sell out that quick?). Anyway, it seems like a lot of locals made the registration, so Insul will definitely push the local scene, which is probably the biggest in Germany.

Last year’s race was done in one day. A bad weather forecast for Sunday had forced the organizers to run qualifying and racing on the same day. After we had got one qualifying run and we went right into racing. A lot of top contenders dropped out early due to crashes but by the end it was Mischo Erban, Christoph Batt, Martin Siegrist and me in the finals. The finals were hectic like you can see in the video below, Martin pulled a sneaky slide past Christoph and me in order to take the victory!


Track Facts

Date: July 29-31
Country: Germany
Type: Short straights, 6 Hairpins
Length: 2.1
Top Speed: 75km/h

Top Qualifiers:
2010 Ramón Königshausen (SUI)
2010 1st Martin Siegrist (SUI), 2nd Christoph Batt, 3rd Ramón Königshausen

Top Contenders: Martin Siegrist, Patrick Switzer, Jackson Shapiera, Boris Schinke, Stefan Rüfli, James Kelly, Ramón Königshausen, James Kelly, Dominik Kowalski, Andrew Chapman

Challenge: Pass at the right moment. Quick brakes before hairpins.
Edition: 3rd

Padova Grand Prix (Teolo) takes place in north-east Italy, about one hour west of Venice. The track rises up from the wide open Po-Flats and leads through many vineyards (Good for the wine farmers they grapes aren’t ripe yet…so many skaters tried eating sour grapes…)

Some might say Teolo isn’t worth the trip or money because it isn’t the most gnarly track on the IGSA circuit. Whereas most other tracks you have to slow down before corners, at Teolo you’re trying to accelerate as much as you can. This track is very appealing to people that have a slalom background and know how to pump and generate speed properly.

Date: August 5-7
Country: Italy
Type: Fast at the top, slow at the bottom. 8 Hairpins full traction
Length: 1.6
Top Speed: 85km/h

Top Qualifiers:
2009 Martin Siegrist (SUI)
2010 Ramón Königshausen (SUI)
2009 1st Martin Siegrist (SUI), 2nd Partick Switzer (CAN), 3rd Stefan Rüfli (SUI)
2010 1st Patrick Switzer (CAN), 2nd Christoph Batt (SUI), 3rd Douglas Silva (BRA)

Top Contenders: Partick Switzer, Douglas Silva, Ramón Königshausen, Jackson Shapiera, Dominik Kowalski, Martin Siegrist, Andrew Chapman, Luke Melo

Challenge: Stick your line, pass at the right moment, acceleration
Edition: 4th

Make sure you check out my video of last year’s edition with Patrick’s statements about the track!


Verdicchio European Championships is the first edition and is located “somewhere in the middle of Italy”. ADD SOME WEB BASED INFO

Date: August 12-14
Country: Italy
Type: Looks like a long track with lots of corners!
Length: 2.7
Top Speed: 75km/h
Top Qualifiers:
not established
not established

Challenge: I’ll find out!
Edition: 1st

Skate[Slate] Exclusive Coverage!

Last but no least, the KnK Longboard Camp in Slovenia seems like a very promising event offering a one week freeride tour on 3 different tracks and a race with €1000 cash prize. Due to it’s late announcement this shortly established events still has a good number of empty spots on the riders list for all those who missed any of the registrations for the aforementioned events.

Make sure to check back on Skate[Slate] for regular updates and stories on all of the mentioned events

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