Spain and the Longboard Girls Crew

This August will be the launch of the next video production of Juan Rayos and the Longboard Girls Crew in Spain. Juan Rayos is an expert in audio-visual production. He has a diploma in video and television production from the University of Alicante, he is a superior technician in photography in Valencia, and a visual and audio specialist technician in Alicante. He has many years of experience with projects such as these and has turned his attention to the sport of longboarding since he started riding, himself, a year and a half ago. Along with the Longboard Girls Crew, Amanda Powell (Loaded, Orangatang, Triple Eight, Eastern Boarder, and Luminate Surf & Skate) and myself, Marisa Nuñez, we will be working together to make another amazing video. Only this time, it will be more of a documentary-style film with the purpose of capturing the essence of the female rider, their personalities, and the lifestyle to where their longboards have brought them. Juan explains that he want to go a step further than that of his previous short films. He describes this project as a “road-movie” and as a new adventure for all of us. Here is a short interview with the lad and lady themselves, Jacky Madenfrost, co-founder of LGC, and Juan Rayos:

Me: Who is the Longboard Girls Crew and how did it start?
Jacky: We are a group of skater girls who live in Madrid, Spain. One day, we decided to create an online platform so that all the girls in the world who longboard, or want to longboard, could be in contact with each other, get together, inspire one another, and start a movement in women’s skateboarding. It all started in a very casual way, spontaneous, actually, and today we are proud to say that we contributed our grain of sand so that this sport could extend itself and women could be a greater part of it.

Me: How did the idea of this trip come about?
Jacky: We’ve had the idea of this trip for a long time now. We have done other trips similar to this and those have inspired us to take it a step further. Having traveled together before to different skate events in our country, we figured, it would be awesome to make a documentary of our lifestyle and experiences through our trips.
Juan: LGC and I have worked together and made a couple of videos in the past. We know each other and feel comfortable doing things together. A few months ago, they came to me with the idea of a new project, a trip through Spain with a group of skater girls on a quest with their longboards to skate different spots in the country. I loved the idea (who wouldn’t…?) and we started working towards this project, as we have been for the past few months.

Me: What will be our route through Spain?
Juan: We have a broad idea of what the route will be, we want to skate and film some zones of the Mediterranean, the center, and the north of the country. The idea is to show the big contrasts of land and culture that we have, which perhaps many people aren’t familiar with. But we do want to keep the details of our route a secret. Plus, it’s not totally in concrete, we may have some changes and improvisations as we go along.

Me: What is the purpose of this trip?
Jacky: For us, trips are very special experiences shared. They are vacations that are very anticipated to have fun with friends and enjoy this sport that we all love so much. This will be a great opportunity to extend our experiences and enjoy our passion with these two girls from the United States, Amanda Powell and Marisa Nuñez. We have been in contact through Facebook for months and now we will all finally get to meet, ride and share an unforgettable experience with each other!

So honored to have been included in this project with Juan and the girls. I’ve been a huge fan of Juan’s work ever since the first longboarding video I saw of his. It’s easy to say that Juan is good at what he does and that his videos are very enjoyable. I was chatting with Amanda about the whole thing and she seems to be stoked as well. She explains, “Oh boy, he makes some magic. The two videos he’s produced for the LGC have been just perfect – beautiful subjects, gorgeous shots, great editing. It’s so awesome that we’ll have him documenting our adventure.” Amanda is a phenomenal skater and she knows what’s up with the good editing since she has been in quite a few, herself. She is currently in California shooting a video with Adam Colton. Can’t wait to see what he brews up with Amanda!

Stay tuned to Skate[Slate] for further coverage on this project. We will be setting sails on July 30th and it will be a 2 week voyage to never be forgotten. Hope you all dig it!

Check out more of Juan Rayos’ work at www.juanrayos.com.