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Skate[Slate] Longboarding Magazine is a new magazine focused exclusively on the world of Longboarding. Published bi-monthly six times a year (March/May/July/Sep/Nov/Jan) Longboarding Magazine highlights the most progressive areas and tells it like it is, direct from the riders and manufacturers pushing the boundaries of the sport. To become a dealer and keep your customers current, follow the links below for US/Canada, or International Dealer Subscriptions. Your dealer subscription will include a 20-pack of each issue as they are published and will automatically renew each year at your renewal date. Because 1st class domestic and worldwide shipping is included in your subscription, you are guaranteed to receive the magazine first, and as soon as each issue becomes available. Additionally, as an authorized Skate[Slate] Dealer, we will include a listing of of your shop in each issue, pointing readers and potential customers to your shop to get the latest issue. Click through the appropriate link below to begin your subscription! and then contact us with your dealer information so we can list you in the magazine.

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