The new Rayne Vandal?

It’s not much to go on, but this popped up on the Edge Boardshop website for a moment before mysteriously disappearing. Intrigued? Must be coming down the pipes soon. If you can’t see so good (but are somehow still able to read this), the Vandal 35 is (supposedly) a “speed-stiff” topmount freeride deck concocted from Rayne’s signature combo of bamboo and fibreglass, featuring deep tub concave, and integrated wheelwells and gaspedals. At 35.5″ long and 10″ wide, with wheelbase options from 25.75″ to 27.25″, you should be able to find a place to put your feet on it. This could well be the perfect tool for sacking and looting ancient cities. Or riding down hills.

No official word yet from Rayne.


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