What Board is That?

You know what it’s like. When you’re a longboarder, you hear that question if your board is unrecognizable and doesn’t have a Sector Nine logo on the top. Non-longboarders just ask, “Is that a Sector Nine?” You, yourself, have probably asked the same question when you see someone on a board that you don’t recognize. I asked the question recently to a friend that was riding a shape I liked. He told me it was Five Mile and I was stoked to hear so.  It was the Skyhawk that caught my eye. I plan to visit those guys up in Tacoma, WA soon. They have been coming up and out with a lot of great variety of boards.

The Five Mile Armory lined up for battle.

When Kevin Reimer started riding his Killswitch and when Dillon Stephens started riding the Switchblade, everyone wanted to know what they where riding.  I’m sure the two of these riders were very instrumental in the sales of both Rayne and Landyachtz longboards. Rayne’s Killswitch had so much popularity last year I remember seeing way too many in the Uhaul ride up Maryhill one recent freeride.

Kevin has been riding the Killswitch for a long time now.

The Landyachtz Switchblade is definitely Dillon’s board. He has rocked it while traveling to South America and tearing up the race scene there. Here is a photo I have of Dillon on his baby child.

Dillon rides the Switchblade and wins at Giant’s Head last year.

I recently travelled to Vancouver and shot a photo of the two riders with their boards of choice and also the most popular for customers of both Landyachtz and Rayne in 2011. Many people think their is a beef between the companies and their riders. It’s not true. Most of it is inflated rumors. Many riders have jumped back and forth between Rayne and Landyachtz and and I think one just has to find which works for oneself. If you’re not happy with the support you’re getting, try elsewhere. That is if you are good enough. I managed to catch both Dillon Stephens and Kevin Reimer up in the BP’s around sunset for a battle of boards.

Kevin Reimer cocks back his Rayne Killswitch as Dillon swings his Landyachtz Switchblade.

Recently I hear the question, “What is Kyle Martin riding in the latest SkateSlate Longboarding Magazine?” If you don’t already know, you’ll find that out soon enough if you check back to Skate Slate. You may find out first hand what it feels like to ride it.

More than anything, I wanna know what this guy is riding. No wheel bite!

What Would Jesus Ride?


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