Safety Video

Spotter Safety with Patrick Switzer and Katie Neilson

Katie and P-Swiss were kind enough to team up with Skate[Slate] to make a video about how to safely spot for traffic at a skate session.  Although in the shots in their vid, it appears they are blowing the stop sign. The truth is the spotter below is looking out for their safety.  Ideally though, it’s best that riders choose isolated roads like 1 ways streets or No Exit Streets.  They less cars you have to look out for, the better.  Find your spot selectively.

Spotting is important not only for keeping everyone safe and maintaining good community relations, but also for giving riders the peace of mind to freely push their limits. Always talk with your riding buddies before hitting the hill to make sure that everyone is on the same page and understands the signals that will be used. This is going to be a big year for the sport, with more people on the hills than ever before, so it’s important to exercise responsibility at every session.

Happy trails!

Big thanks to Katie and Pat, as well as Brock Newman, Dan Pape, and all the riders for making this video happen.