The New Landyachtz Boomstick

I don’t know if you have seen the newest issue of Skate[Slate] Longboard Magazine, but it is outstanding. Every photo is of the utmost quality and I’m proud to have the cover of the Winter 2011 issue. If you don’t already have a subscription or access to the Magazine click the link in this intro.

For the cover, Kyle Martin rides a board about which everyone is curious. It’s a prototype by Landyachtz that Kyle is testing in the photo. The board has not yet been released, but stay tuned to find out how to get one.

For this blog, I will take you to the Landyachtz Factory in Vancouver, BC, where I witnessed the final stages of the first prototype Boomstick. Then, I’ll show you the testing of the board with Kyle Martin on a winter day in the Vancouver area.

Kyle Martin rides the Boomstick prototype on the cover of the recent Skate Slate Longboarding magazine issue.

This winter, I hopped up to Vancouver for a couple days to shoot an article for the magazine that was to be about the best boards of the year.  I contacted Rayne and Landyachtz and they were both down to help out. When I went to the Landyachtz headquarters they said something like, “The Switchblade is probably the best Landy board of the year, but that’s this year. We’re already thinking about next year.” Later, they admitted that I was a catalyst in the speeding up the process of this prototype. They knew I was planning to visit so they started working on it and just had it finished when I arrived. It’s fun for me to visit the Landy HQ cause I know most of the people that work there. It was even more fun to be able to see part of the prototyping that goes on behind the scenes. Into the production section of the Landyachtz Factory we go:

Dylan, on the left, sands his board of choice, the Switchblade in the depths of the Landy Factory.

Production at Landyachtz is constant. From 9 to 5 Monday through Friday do a bunch of skateboarders make skateboards for skateboarders. Meanwhile, part of the crew is designing the next big thing.

The Boomstick board is intended to be an all-around ripper of skateboarding. It’s a lot like the Wolfshark, but it has a pronounced tail. This means ollies up curbs, a little gas pedal for slides, and turning on a dime in tight areas at slower speeds.

This board has concave and a kicktail.

I love the bamboo cross stitch pattern.

The board was all constructed when I arrived. It still needed graphics, grip tape, trucks, and wheels to be ready for testing. They cut up a bunch of separate graphics from their line-up of boards in order to makeshift a graphic for the Boomstick prototype.

Making up the graphics with a little smoke and flames from the Drop Speed and the missiles on the Time Machine board.

The Boomstick features a pointy nose and multiple wheel wells.

Landyachtz asked their team rider, Kyle Martin, to test out their newest prototype. Then, they asked me to go document the testing.  When asked how the board looks, Kyle said, “…looks like a skateboard to me.”

Kyle checks the dimensions compared to his board before setting up the Boomstick. He's also like, "WTF Jon, why are you always taking photos of me?" In Canada, they flip people off with their index finger.

Kyle and I thought of a couple spots that may or may not work and gobbled up some pizza before driving across the harbour to North Van, where Kyle was living at the time. The only thing was that we had a limited amount of time for it was going to get dark soon and Kyle had an appointment with a future landlord in a couple hours back in East Van. He set up the board and we headed to a nearby bicycle path. We hiked up the hill with all the photo gear and I saw how steep the grade is.

Kyle pushes up to a spot he thought might be good.

This is the hill that Kyle takes me to.

We keep hiking to see the whole path. Once we got to this fence, it caught my eye, so we stop and I set up my flashes.

I find the spot that looks interesting to me and I set up the lighting. Kyle sulks in the darkness.

Once I get the lighting right and Kyle is warmed up, we start shooting.

This is how I originally envisioned shooting this location. Note: when leaves are wet, it's sketchy to slide over them.

We both agreed this photo was to never be seen by anyone ever. Check the stubby limp wrist action. You can't tell because of the angle, but he's doing the exact same slide as the cover shot.

Once we nailed that shot down, I felt confident that we could move on, to another spot or to get Kyle where he needed to be. I semi-packed up and we went back down the trail.

I found a nice curve in the trail for a variety shot. Kyle performs another manual toeside slide, but at a different location and angle. When asked how the Boomstick rides, Kyle replies, “…like a skateboard…”

Another manual toeside slide, but further down the trail.

Kyle tries an ollie on the Boomstick.

Soon enough, it starts to sprinkle as well as get dark for the evening. Kyle and I confidently leave the scene, knowing we got some good stuff with which to work.

Dillon attempts a kickflip back at the Landy warehouse.

After some more product testing (indoor kickflips in the warehouse), Kyle takes his trucks off, so I can set-up a shot and then bring the board down to Billy Bones to test out in Portland.

Kyle is like, "Wtf Jon, what's with all the photos!" Then, he threatens to dump his cold coffee on me.

Post-apocalypse, the Boomstick will be one of the only things left.

Wanna get your hands and feet on a Boomstick? Stay tuned to Skate Slate for a chance to win the first released Boomstick.


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