Huey in Hawaii Teasers

I recently flew to Oahu and cruised with the locals in their urban jungle terrain. This post shows a few of the scenes where skateboarding takes place in Oahu. I will be posting photo blog episodes on my trip to Hawaii in the next couple of weeks. Don’t forget to subscribe to Longboarding Magazine, where I will have the dankest Hawaii photos and writing printed up one time fo ya mind.

Sunsets above cityscapes are common on Oahu.

Two outlaw skateboarders on a jungle road.

One of the beautiful corners of the island.

Local Reece shreds short board style down one of the steepest and gnarliest roads in Hawaii.

Casey Morrow from Portland drops into a tunnel on Oahu.

Casey Five Ohs the three tunnels like a pro.

The crew skates like ninjas in the night. Night skating is important because is illegal on roads in Hawaii.


Blogs about my trip to Hawaii coming soon!


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