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Working for the future in North Vancouver

Our much-loved sport has been growing tremendously over the last number of seasons and 2012 is already shaping up to be a blockbuster year, but there are always going to be some complications with such rapid expansion. Urban areas with nice hills are seeing more and more riders, causing some residents to take notice. One such area is North Vancouver, where a petition is currently circulating to ban longboarders from city streets. There will always be extreme points of view from both sides of the debate, but most people involved in the discourse in North Van seem to be approaching the matter with an open mind. Stories like this are a clear demonstration of the importance of riding safely and being respectful of local communities, working with them to ensure a future for our sport. Read this article by reporter John Colebourn for a balanced take on the story playing out in BC:

Longboarders worried by proposed road bans in North Vancouver – The Province