I had a dream back in 2010

Can I get the dream back? with old video…..


 In 2010 I wanted badly to help grow the local community of longboarders in way that promoted safe, fun and challenging sessions.  For 6 weeks that summer I went ahead of the curve to planted a seed for a school of riders to pass on knowledge of how to set up safe riding in low traffic areas.  I’m now 34 but in my teens I was bothered when the police told me I couldn’t skateboard on the street.   That was ’91 baby, 2012 is going to get gnarly.

In the 90’s all I needed was to build ramps for the sidewalk skating with my hommies.  It was all good. The quarter pipe, to flat box, to plastic coping handrail was all we ever needed to put big smiles on our faces .  After all, my skate buddy down the street had half-pipe too.   When he cut it down from 10ft to 5ft high, it was the best.   Once in awhile though, the crew would venture out to downtown Thunder Bay.  We had ledges and we had stairs, not to mention the parkades and handrails.  Every session was met with security guards or people complaining about our laundering around.  For the most part, we were hated by all that saw us coming.

When I moved to BC when I was 18, I never thought I would ever skate again.  I packed up my little city life. My license was the best thing that every happened to me, so I thought.  I mean, my memories as a punk skateboarder actually haunted me a tad so I wasn’t exactly proud to get back on a board.  I dont need a skateboard?  Well, that attitude didnt last and within a year I was riding again, but this time on a longboard.  Like most skateboarders that turn longboarder (I know I know, there the same thing), I was hooked instantly.  In ’99 though, our crews consisted of a handful of riders on some back road.  The threat wasn’t real, the numbers just werent there to back up the notion of building a longboard park or a school to educate the riders. Quite frankly, there was very little risk.  The tables have turned and it’s no joke.  It’s time for the community to come together and make this happen.  Slapping kids with tickets and taking their boards won’t stop them.  Teaching them the importance of how to set up a session right will.  It may even save their life.

We need a school for Longboarders to learn how to do it properly and we need 1 in every municipality.  Skateparks were built back then to get skaters off the road.  They ended up being a place for friends to hang out after school and keep out of trouble.  For some it did the opposite but eventually I came around.  The camradery, the friendships, whatever man, it was the best years of my youth…I just didnt know it at the time.  Longboarders need a Skatepark and they need one in 2012!  It’s not only for the skaters, the entire community will benefit in so many ways.


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