Huey in Hawaii – Part I

In order to leave the wet Northwest weather, I embarked on a skatecation in Hawaii. I stayed with friends and went around the island riding, cruising, swimming, and essentially enjoying life. This is the first of a few posts giving you a look into my experience travelling to Oahu recently. The following is my first day on the island.

I left early in the morning and it was snowing. Snow doesn’t last long in the NW but I was still glad to be on my way to a warmer climate.

My travel weather guide.

I fly over the other Hawaiian Islands on my way to Oahu.

I left early in the morning and slept a little bit on the plane. After something like 6 hours of flight, it was only lunch time in Hawaii with plenty of daylight left.

The airport is right next to the Hickam AFB, which is on the other side of Pearl Harbor. If you'll remember, that's where the Japanese air raided the USA in 1941. The day was Dec 7th, which is also my birthday.

I land to the realization that the Hawaiian shirts are everywhere. They are the official uniforms for most of the airport staff, the city transit drivers, and other government officials. I noticed these signs at the airport bathroom.

The famous male Hawaiian Shirt

The locals guys encouraged me to get a wahine while you are in Hawaii. This is a wahine.

I was picked up by the crew of skaters generally from California. In the truck for the trip was Dave Tannaci, Pete Eubank, Matt K, Christin Gregersen, Kody Noble, Nick Ronzani, Liam Morgan, and Aaron From the Block (is that his full name?). It was a Riviera, Caliber, and Paris sponsored skate trip. Most of these skaters made it out to Oahu because of their sponsors. They shredded their brands proudly and I’m stoked they made it out cause it made it really fun for me. I made it out to Hawaii with the help of Skate[Slate] so I’m thankful for my opportunity to share photos with y’all.

We meet up with Ethan Lau in a park near his house.

Ethan Lau in his natural environment.

Ethan Lau is a great friend of mine that I met many years ago on a Danger Bay road trip, I believe. He’s a very contemplative and soulful individual. His skating is so stylish and rad, I wanted to document him on his island during my trip to Oahu. Unfortunately, he was on his way to Puerto Rico and San Diego while I was to be on the island. Fortunately, I was able to see him the day I showed up and he left the next morning. While he was there, he was our guide.

Aaron, Pete, Nick, and Dave pack in the back of the truck.

So downhill skateboarding in Hawaii isn’t exactly easy. There are sharks lurking on land that will bite you if you let them. The fact is that it is illegal to skateboard on the street in Hawaii. So, if you see a cop or pass by one, you might as well hide in the bush and wait them out, but really there is no where to run on an island. I almost got a ticket multiple times and I wasn’t even skating, except for one of the instances. With the given situation, we skaters must ride like ninjas through the hills above Honolulu.

One of the fine right hand corners above Honolulu.

We skated a couple runs that changed my life and went to go eat lunch. No big deal. As we were driving up one hill, our truck was pulled over by an officer in a Toyota Four-Runner. He told us he stopped us because we had passengers sitting on the rails of the truck. He went right to asking us if we were planning to skate the hill. Ethan replied that it was wet so were coming up to check out the flowers. The cop was like, yeah, right, the flowers… He eventually let us go and so we went to go check out some nature. Off of one run is a hairpin we went to go session to lay low.

Kody shreds a big and rough corner on the dl.

Big Dave gives Matt K a better vantage point.

"Double footy!"

Pete Eubank slides long and early into the rough, blind corner.

We went to this spot to hit the corner and lay low from the cops. We ended up being more intrigued by the grass runs right next to the road.

Aaron cuts around a palm frond.

Dave gets barrelled.

Kody and Liam ride the green wave.

Kody rides a nice root bump.

Aaron tests the limits of grass riding with a bank power slide.

Matt K at his limit.

Liam comes in hot with a stand up slide.

The moment when the wheels stick in to the grass/dirt is the moment that Liam is thinking, "oh @#$%."

Grass burn on top of road rash. Liam loves it.

After some great grass runs, Ethan climbed some trees to forage nectar. We skated a park downtown and went to a jungle waterfall at night to burn Christmas trees by the waterside and jump in the water. To see those photos, you are going to have to check back for my next post.



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