Supreme and Rival

Rayne Rival and Supreme

Rayne is starting to show off a few more of their new products for 2012, and here’s a peak of the next two: The Rival and the Supreme. Take a look as a handful of groms put the decks to the test.

They’re coming out next week, but we’ve got all the dirt you need after the jump:

The Supreme and the Rival are the dirty love child from a Vendetta, Nemesis, and Killswitch ménage à trois…
– intended for freeriding and freestyle riding
– 2 sizes, same board, built to fit your size and steez
– each board is built with:
— bigger kicks than the Vendetta for more pop
— 5/8inch radial drops that are deeper than the Killswitch but make you feel more locked in like the Nemesis
— 3stage rocker to help natually lock your feet in and bend your knees together to make spins easier and more fluid
— a new ‘Mean Cave’ that’s not as deep as the Deep Tub but still hugs your feet, gets steeper at the waist to create a natural gas pedal and makes for a sick pocket where it meets the radial
— Firm Flex to keep these boards light, responsive and fun.. if you want to bomb them, you can, but like the Vendetta these aren’t built with DH in mind

– 42.5″ x 10″ x 30″/31″

– 40″ x 10″ x 28″/29″

Riders: Will Smallwood, Tyler Peterson (Cat&Blue), Reese Boyko, Oliver Korman, Ian Russell and Aidan Lynds (Average Savage). It’s good!