Huey in Hawaii – Part II

So I left you all with grass riding on my last post about my trip to Oahu. Back to the grass, it’s my first day and we got to skate some of the hills but I can feel the heavy hand of the law already. 

I thought Hawaii was supposed to be chill…and easy…well it is in ways, but not for downhill skateboarding. Though it’s illegal to ride in the road with a skateboard (cited for toy in the street), I don’t think the grass riding was illegal. It was super fun.

We changed our priority to goofing around and having fun and searching for some nectar.

Kody Noble shreds the grass wave on Oahu.

Skate House Media in the making.

Matt shreds a stand-up in the grass.

And the crowd goes wild!

Ethan sets up for a barefoot grass drop-in.

Ethan is raw.

Kody and Christin are giddy about the fun being had. 

Once again, I want to reiterate from the last post that Ethan Lau is awesome. In many ways, he’s the stereotypical strong, barefoot, bushwackin’, tree-climbing, and surfing islander. But, he is a unique flower in the biodiversity of the jungle on the island. His vocabulary gets adopted in many different circles of people he spends time with. Cryp, nectar, moke, styling… these are just some of his favorites. Nectar is easy. It’s not just fruit either. But, fruit was a priority on the day I arrived on Oahu.

Ethan has strong feet.

Ethan is always on the search for nectar.

Ethan gets really high and drops sweet nectar for us.

He procured some avocado for us all.

Ethan and Pete carry out the ‘cados.

So, on Ethan’s last night in Oahu before travelling to the mainland and Puerto Rico and my first night on the island, we wanted to go to a waterfall, burn old Christmas trees and jump off a cliff into the watering hole. But, first we hit up a skatepark downtown at dark early evening. After some food we drove on one of the highways that pass through the inner part of the island via long tunnels. They are gnarly awesome modern marvels of human construction, but I hear are also built on sacred Hawaiian land and were controversial construction projects. I rode in the back of the truck with a t-shirt at night and I wasn’t cold. It was so awesome. We picked up some Christmas trees that were left for trash removal outside some homes. We parked near the spot in a neighborhood and quietly made our way to the trailhead with some trees in hand. Like ninjas with headlamps we, walked the trail till it turned into a wet rock journey up a creek. Bare feet were necessary for this so we just left are shoes in the jungle. A few in the group ended up cutting our hurting there feet in some way. It wasn’t easy for the non-locs.

We set up the area for a bonfire.

Kody cleans extra branches off a log for a clean fire.

Uncle Ethan dropping wisdom of fire building.

Let the fire burn!

The fire and flashlights now light up the waterfall in the background.

This long exposure captures the swirling motion of the water in the cave-like water hole.

Once we had the fire and some flashlights set up so we could spot the water correctly, Dave Tanaci showed me the way up to the jump off spot. They had been here during the day so he knew the deal. He showed  me the jump off spot, which was a sketchy muddy downslope with a rope to hold on to. When you jump off, you’re probably up about 30 feet at least. I decided I was going to go naked because I didn’t have swimming trunks and didn’t want to get my underwear wet. Whew! was that a bad idea. My landing was a pain in the ass for a minute or two afterwards. Kody jumped in and had his $300 perscription ray ban sunglasses in his back pocket.  Ethan jumped in the water swimming in the dark and found various things like a go pro with an lcd, a watch, and then Kody’s glasses. If you look at the photo above you can kind of see the vortex swirling motion of the water. I bet people lose stuff all the time out there and Ethan is just able to glean it all and sell it for money. What a resourceful guy. We warmed ourselves by the fire eating oreo’s and watching the stars.

Note the flashlight shining from above in the top of the frame. That’s where we jumped off into the water.

Just another day in paradise. 

We hike out and head to bed. There’s more skating to be had tomorrow.


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    I am a Washington native and think its awesome that we got a "greener" representing in the skate scene..

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