Footbrake FOR Life

Talk about a paradigm shift! Loaded has always been at the vanguard of skate progression and now they’re here to inform: Footbraking is the way of the future.

Be prepared to rethink everything you thought you knew about the art of slowing down.

Footbraking is making a comeback, baby! 

We hope you all get some good laughs from this video, because we sure had fun making it.

All references to individuals, companies or concepts, real or imagined are actually just imagined. This video is not intended to bash footbraking (or anyone else) in any way at all; it is just a comedic approach to showcasing it and a chance to lovingly satirize the stereotypical, ultra-serious “extremely extreme” mentality. We at Loaded believe footbraking is very important; it’s an indispensable skill that every skater (especially downhillers and city commuters) should be comfortable with. Footbrake for life. 

Big thanks to Jonathan Jelkin for all the graphic work, color correction, and music edits; he nailed it. Super stoked on this vision; had this idea floating in my head for over a year and finally busted it out. We shall be embracing more humor this year in our videos, and it was a refreshing break and challenge to make a video like this with dialogue and an empowering theme.

Actors: Kyle Chin, Dustin Hampton, Jessie Davidson, Dane Webber

Filmed & Edited : Adam Colton

Graphic Work/Color correction: Jonathan Jelkin


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  1. Geert Gevan

    SAILBRAKING is the future! forget about footbrake and buying new shoes all the time (and all the dirty glue consumption!) ;-) use my ingenious sail : only a onetime ten box instead tower high shoe bills!

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