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PDX Slopestyle Contest #2

For the rest of 2012, Rip City Skate plans on presenting two events in the Portland area per month. One event is the PDX Slopestyle Series  and the other is the Switchbacks Series. This lastest Slopestyle Series contest happened on a Saturday earlier this month in Happy Valley, just outside of Portland. The weather and the turnout was great. A couple Canadians, many Washingtonians, and mostly Oregonians represented this NW North American slide sesh.

The road was as safe as possible on a future housing development closed to traffic. Urethane painted the asphalt throughout the day. There were so many young riders and everyone came with helmets. It was pretty amazing to see. I like to see riders that know etiquette as well. Events such as these bring the community aspect into learning how to ride safely and legally. The PDX community of skaters are on a delicate balance with their legality to skate. It’s legal now, but through abuse of the privileges (blowing stop signs and posting videos of crossing the yellow line and labeling the location such as bmobooz if you know what that is backwards), it could soon be outlawed again. We must be respectful to the neighborhoods we skate in.

So, with a rail, some ramps, and a whole lot of dry downgrade to thrash, these riders ready to go. The ramp was crazy big and the rail was cool, but I wasn’t interested in it’s location so I didn’t really shoot any of it.  Instead I focused on the good ol’ fashion thrashin.

Young riders push off down the slope in Happy Valley.

David Mitchell was the MC, funny as he can be.

Brandon Tissen leads a pack of sliders through the street.

Mike Benda's friend Mike Fitter goes as fast as Benda.

Ross Druckrey switch slatefishes while Alex Tongue films behind.

Brandon with another nice toeside slide.

With a street skating background, Brandon had some smooth moves on a long or short board. He impressed many who hadn’t seen him before.

Abel Cardenas slides as long as he possibly can.

Alicia Fillback goes for a long toeside slide.


The kids division of the event was outstanding. These kids are learning the ways of the stand-up drift early on. I can imagine their skills will improve rapidly over this season. T

Big stand up slide for a smaller dude. Do you know him?

The kids really stepped it up with stand-up skill. Who's this guy?

David Mitchell struggles to get the names right of the top 8 kids under 14.

The top eight kids under 14 were selected and then judged to see who performed the best. The judges were a few of the older riders selected by David Mitchell. David also asked people to cheer for whoever they thought was the best. In the end, the winner was the short board spinning slider, Camden Benesh. His slides were so quick that I didn’t get any good photos of him skating.

The judges decided and here we have the little winners. These are the faces of the new generation of skaters. Camden Benesh was the winner and Jordan Manseth was third. Who was second?

Next in the contest came the longest slide contest. The required slide was not just any slide, but a toe side standy, otherwise known as a backside stand-up slide. It was a dangerous proposition that only a few attempted. The speeds started picking up and fewer and fewer people were competing. Anyone left in it at this point has got some serious skills. The only person I really saw get broken off was Jackson Wells pictured below.

This is where you wish you were facing forward and had knee pads.


Not a full scorpion but it doesn't look fun.

Ethan Cochard pushes in for a fast stand up toesider.

Ethan is already spotting the end of his slide.

He's still looking.

And he brings it to fakie.

Ethan had the longest slide with this one. Then, the other Mike from Canada took the lead.

The other Mike from Canada can rock a long backside standy.

But in the final moments, Ross took the lead with the longest slide.

Ross had some long slides.

A view from behind.


Still going...

Benda switched one wheel and went for his longest slide.

He starts to lose balance.

Instead of high siding, he manages to jump off.

Benda miraculously runs it out as Ethan dodges out of the way.

While Ross Druckery was the longest slider, in the end it was Brandon Tissen who walked away with first place for the event. It wasn’t easy though. Each competitor could vote for their three favorites. After the votes were tallied, the top eight riders were called up to the podium. (Mike Fitter definitely should have been in there, but no one knew his name so they didn’t vote for him) The young gun Camden Benesh placed 8th overall, behind Alicia Fillback in 7th. 6th went to Jackson Wells and 5th to Ross Druckery. Ethan Cochard with fourth and David Angelus with third left only two more spots on the podium. Tied for first was Mike Benda and Brandon Tissen. In order to prove who the winner is, JP decided the two riders had to put their sweaty equipment back on and huck their sore bodies back down the hill a couple more times. They reluctantly slid for their last chance to win (nobody likes being forced to skate).

Brandon Tissen won the PDX Slopestyle #2 overall.

This is a big win for Brandon considering he was relatively unknown before this event. He travelled from Medford, OR with some friends and was repping Jacks Board House. He was riding a Jim Z Kebbec and short board, but has just recently been getting custom work on the Racecar board from Subsonic Skateboards. Congrats to Brandon for winning, especially in the condition he was in. After the event once most everyone had left, he admitted he wasn’t feeling well and threw up on the Happy Valley hillside. Good times.

So I know that was a ton of photos of the event, but for the entire gallery, check my post on PDX Downhill.

Here is the video that Alex Tongue made of the event

Next is the video that Adam Stolte made for PDXDownhill

This event couldn’t have happened without the efforts of JP from Rip City, David Angelus, and David Mitchell. With all their help the event had structure, direction, and prizes and the event commenced without a hitch. Like an awesome event should, there were prizes from a bunch of sponsors. Thank you to the sponsors: Rip City SkateSubsonicVenom,CometBonesSector 9NW ShirtsGullwingCaliberEastside,Landyachtz, and Longboard Larry.

Stay in touch with PDXDownhill for the next slopestyle event details if you live in the NW…


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