The Return

The Return: Rob McWhinnie

Rob McWhinnie is a gnarly mother!

Everyone has stories of getting broke off hard and it can instill a certain amount of fear in your heart. The bigger the bail, the harder it is to get back on your board and bomb the hill or attempt the trick that bit you so hard the first time. With that being said, we’ve got to give huge props to Rob for going back to the hill where he smashed his leg on a guardrail (fair warning: if the sight of bone sticking out of a leg bothers you, consider watching something else!) and filming this short documentary. Featuring footage from the original accident, combined with interviews, and skate footage, it’s well worth watching.

Face your fears.

3 years on, I’m back on board, riding hard and having fun. Before leaving Peru I had one last hill to ride, the same hill that I broke my leg on years ago, it was emotional and intimidating but the feeling of acomplishment after was worth the trip.


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