Roger Jones

Roger Jones … Nothing to Prove

In case you missed it, here’s Laguna Beach grom and Abec 11 team rider Roger Jones having way too much fun shredding hills on his skateboard.

Roger Jones has nothing to prove. For this kid skating is all about fun! Sure he’s competitive taking second at the 2011 Junior World Championships at Maryhill and recently winning Dump Road for his mom. Still it’s all about the feelings he gets skating with his friends on his local roads. Roger is fortunate in that he actually gets to skate a half mile downhill from his house to get to the location we filmed him at.

Attention groms and micro groms. We used spotters including Bryn Jones and skated at lower traffic times when creating this video. Please respect the hills and the people who live on them. Quick shout out to ADX and all their support in the neighborhood.