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California trip through Instagram

I was recently travelling through California to visit friends at the Skatehouse, skate at the Wheelbase party, and ride some fun California hills. I just bought a new iPod, so I’ve been getting into the Instagram app. Here are a few photos I made using the app’s fun filters.

Four Portlanders (Billy Meiners, Garai Rice, Adam Stolte, and I) drove on a California road trip. We stayed at the Skate House in LA. Being from the rainy Northwest, we thought we would escape the bad weather. It turns out that it rains in LA after all. We entertained ourselves with chicken and waffles, beer, yerba mate, video games, skate videos, and naps.

Louis and James like to race, even when they are not skateboarding.

Kody takes a break from editing a SkateHouseMedia video and drinks some yerba mate.

Here is the video Kody was editing: 

After hitting some of the gnarliest hills he’s ever hit, Garai catches up on some z’s on the Skate House couch.

It finally dried up and we went skating. But, I didn’t shoot instagram photos of us skating. Instead, I enjoyed the ride.

Garai shoots some photos at GMR.

We hit some curvy hills on this trip. Here is the top of a Malibu favorite.

After leaving LA, we head up to San Francisco. I played around with a couple more photos while at the Potrero skatepark in the city.

Billy gets his smith grinds in at Potrero skatepark.

Adam slides around the sick pool coping at the Potrero park.

Occupy Snoop style at the Potrero park.

After hitting up the skatepark, we stopped by Christin Gregersen’s house near downtown.

Christin has an awesome collection of pins in her room.

The trip was a whole lot of fun, and in retrospect, I wish I shot more photos with my new iPod. But, really, I was having too much fun living! I leave you with this self-portrait I made while at Christin’s house.

Mr. Red Beard Huey.

After shooting instagrams with my iPod, I have decided I may do future skate trip updates through the same media form. Any feedback is certainly appreciated.


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