Stub Stewart Race

Stub Stewart Skate Jam – April 14th

If you’re in the Pacific NorthWest, you may want to consider attending the Stub Stewart Skate Jam, a race and freeride in Stub Stewart State Park, Oregon. Register now and save yourself $10. Get on it!

The course is fairly mellow but it represents a big stepping stone.  As far as we are aware it is the first time Oregon State Parks has allowed a longboarding race.  If the event turns out to be successful it will be easier to host more and better events in the future.  The Course itself has 6 corners.  Most are big long corners.  The Final corner is a 90′ left followed by the finish line.  The upper section of the course is slow at ~30mph.  After the first two corners and a straight the road steepens up to be a low 40mph course. 

Get more details at Blackline Skate.