Sneak Peek: The New Rayne Amazon

Man, skate shops just keep letting the cat out of the bag! Apparently Rayne is releasing a new pro model for Dalua, something they don’t do for many of their riders. Details are scant, but we’ve got a few photos. It’s allegedly based on the Supreme, which is also a new board, but it’s clearly a little thicker to give it the stiffness required for the kind of speeds reached on courses like Teutonia and has dropthrough mounting for added stability. The kicktails are also removed and it has two wheelbase options. Judging from the photos, the  “Mean” cave, radial drop and rocker all carry over from the Supreme.


Length- 38.5″
Width- 10″
Wheel Base- 30″ or 31″

Apparently the board in this video is a prototype version:


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