NS 2012

Never Summer Boards 2012

Just in time for summer: the new lineup from Never Summer and a recap video of some of the skating they got up to in the last year. Given current climate trends, diversifying outside of snowboards and getting into longboards may have been a prudent move on their part. A name change might be in order if this ball of rock we live on continues the trend of getting warmer and warmer. Hit the jump for more info and the video.

Spring has sprung early here in Colorado! Unfortunately Mother Nature didn’t treat us very well on the snow side this year. Fortunately that means we’ve been able to dust off our longboards early and shred some asphalt…in April. Every cloud, or lack there of, has a silver lining. Check out this mini-movie from last years highlights to get you pumped up for some longboarding!
Check out the 2012 Never Summer Longboard lineup at NeverSummer.com/skate