Huey in Hawaii – Part III

Whew! It’s been awhile, but I still have more Oahu photos to show you (and a video too!). I’ve been very busy with new projects and work and haven’t dedicated time to sharing photos with y’all, but now is the time. This post features photos from a session at the “Three Tunnels”, a session at some Heights above Pearl Harbor, and a couple that overlook Honolulu. Pictured here is Oahu local, Jeffrey Khau, colman sliding to switch around the corner.

While I was on the island of Oahu, Matt Kienzle was there filming and skating as well. Here’s a video that Matt Kienzle made that was up on Skate House Media, in case you hadn’t seen it yet. The video is named Ritual Union, referring to the ritual of visiting friends on Oahu and skateboarding the hills there. Many of the photos I’ve posted about my trip to Hawaii are showing the same sessions that are in this video, so I thought it would be pretty relavant to show you screen shots and then my photos of the same thing. The thumbnail for the Matt’s video is a photo I made. Click on the photo or the link to see the video. You’ll see Ethan Lau shredding the gnar barefoot.

Click on the photo for Matt K's Ritual Union Video

For the mobile users:

The video features me skating, which I don’t normally get to see too often. So, I’m gonna self indulge and show you these sweet screenshots from Matt’s video.

Jon Huey loves early grabbing bumps of grass.

Now, don't be surprised next time you see me without a shirt.

Local Kaimana Pintoand I skate down a favorite run.

This next shot shows the next corner. Casey shot the photo with my camera.

Matt K filming a run with Kaimana and I.

A Skate House Media video in the process

Matt filming Casey Morrow's stand up pre-drift into a hairpin corner.

Screen shot of Casey's pre-drift.


I liked the hills in the heights on the South of the island. One road in particular is a one way downhill and has a nice left right corner combo to session. It’s safe and sessionable. It’s in a park that has chickens, pigs, and wild Hawaiian Lions hanging out around it.

A rider bombs into the the session.

MacKenzie Yoshida gets barreled into the curvy section.

Casey short boards the hill cause that's in his roots.

Casey shreds a longboard just the same.

Brandon Montesano was in Hawaii while I was out there as well.

There were rocks on the side of the road to shred at this spot too.

Rhys Morishima skates everything.

K.j. Kaleb Nakanelua skates everything.

Miles makes the big corner with a solid stance and short pants.

Nick Ronzani switch slides his way through the open right.

Christin Gregersen can hardly contain her excitement.

Matt K shreds a switch toeside extremely close to Kody filming for the Skate House video.

Stylee switch toeside frame grab.

Matt wizzes by the camera.

One awesome spot we hit up in Oahu consisted of three tunnels that had a concrete miniramp all the way through them. You can drop in at the top and it pretty much goes downhill into the tunnel. There were also some banks in the back that were pretty fun. The latest Rip City Skate ad will feature a photo of Kody Noble wall riding at the spot. Check out the next issue of the Longboard Magazine to see it.

Casey Drops in to the Tunnel.

Dave Tannaci pumps for some smooth grinds.

Casey Five-Ohhhhhhhs out of the tunnel.

Casey blunts the edge of the mini-ramp tunnel.

Liam, going for pivot to fakie and Aaron dials in his settings.

Nick Ronzani leaving the spot.

Aaron climbs out of the ditch while Kody Noble and Dave Tanaci wait there turn. Soon enough, Dave would eat enough ice cream in one sitting to put shame on his family.

The entry/exit to the tunnel spot is interesting. At the top of the ladder is the side walk of a busy street and you just pop out of the ditch. But, it’s right next to an ice cream shop so we all indulged after getting all hot from skating.They have an ice cream eating challenge that Big Dave participated in. It involves an ungodly amount of ice cream and toppings and a banana. You only have about a half hour to complete it and if you lose you have to pay for it all. Otherwise, it’s free. Dave won. But did his stomach? He was pretty stuffed, that’s for sure. Find out how things went with Dave’s bowels in the next Huey in Hawaii post.