Yuppie – Go Right Ahead

Sergio Yuppie – Go Right Ahead

Sergio Yuppie has been pushing the limits of downhill sliding for a long time now and he’s not showing any signs of slowing down. Watch him show off his diverse skill set on a range of setups from Abec 11 and Jet Skateboards.

Sergio Yuppie is the godfather of tech sliding — the true master of the art. He has taken his passion and passed it on to his 3 sons and to skateboarders all over the world. He’s got more energy than a barrel full of groms and skates every day like there’s no tomorrow. He’s a driving force behind the movement to break down barriers between long boarding and short. According to Sergio, it’s all skateboarding, and it’s all good. Damn straight Sergio — go right ahead!