Downhill Disco 2012

Let’s Disco – Muir Skate’s Downhill Disco 2012

Five Mile did up a really great video of the 2012 Muir Skate Downhill Disco. Looks like the event was a blast, homies were going huge on the jump ramp!

Five Mile Media and Divine Media’s coverage of The 2012 Muir Downhill Disco. Featuring some of America’s Finest Shredders, Dan Couch, Ross Druckrey, Ethan Cochard, Jackson Wells, Brian Bishop, And the Whole Downhill Circus!

Huge Thanks to Scott Lembach and The Muir Skate Family for showing us an unbelievable time and an insanely sick event! Muir Skate FTW

Film: Cody Shea, Brent Dubes Dubendorff
Edit: Cody Shea