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London Greenskate 2012

Last week started like most in April – with plenty of showers. After the surprisingly summery March we enjoyed, mother nature well and truly punked us with a wet and frosty month.

Our greenskate was not scheduled till the 21st, so I hoped against all common sense that we would get a lucky break. Woke up on Monday to this forecast for the week –

Greenskate? More like Greyskate.

The appointed time came, the weatherman forecasted a SUNNY day with light showers at 4pm and 7pm. I assumed everyone else sees metereological reports the same way I do – focus on the sun and assume he is wrong about the rain. Turns out they don’t.

Everyone believed it would rain all day like it had every day leading up to Saturday. It didn’t.

I turned up to Hyde Park and there were a lot of new faces – which is always encouraging. Some of the new groms were so tiny! Sam Gordon from the UK Slalom Skate Association had set up some cones so we had some runs through them. A few more people turned up, and suddenly at 3:57 – we had a light shower. So the weatherman was wrong! 3 whole minutes off. Never trust them.

That was the only weather interruption we had.

When it dried up, we set off on our city cruise: first leg of which was the not-so-legendary ”west end bomb” (London’s version of the broadway bomb). The route is down the busiest shopping street in London, possibly in the whole universe. It’s not as dangerous as a casual observer would imagine, but it’s definitely not for the faint of heart. Big Ian was a great help and volunteered to take the groms to the end of the route by train. So the race was on – boards vs public transport.
The interesting thing about this route is the sheer number of traffic lights, buses stop every 40 seconds, so if you time it right, you end up skating in a traffic free road all the way from Bond Street to Oxford Circus. This is where it get’s interesting.
We took our usual right down Regent’s street past all the tourist’s and shops and the new people were keeping up. There was a lot of stagnant traffic, so we had to skate single file, and nobody wanted to be behind Stevo’s 59” dancer.
We ended up getting to Trafalgar square after the bunch who went on the train – only because we had to stop to buy water!

With everyone back together, we had a more tame and grom friendly cruise to Ninja Hill. (PS Londoners: the road from embankment to Ninja Hill just got resurfaced!)
We had a nice little Jam on the hill and spoke to some French tourists and Monique had a breakdance battle with them. Fun times.

After an hour or so we were all comprehensively worn out and at 7:01, it started to rain. So we picked up our stuff and made our way back to our various homes!

Next weekend: More skating!

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