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L.A. council seeks speed limit for skateboarders

Photo by Allen J Schaben for the LA Times

The Los Angeles Times has a story up about the growing debate surrounding downhill skateboarding. LA city council voted on Wednesday to begin drafting a law that will limit skateboarders to a top speed of 25mph and force riders to obey traffic laws and signs. Riders caught infringing upon those laws may have their boards confiscated as well.

2012 is proving to be an important year for longboarding. As it grows in popularity, the fear and hostility in public opinion seems to grow in equal measure. Have any ideas for how to continue forwards and ensure a bright future for skaters? Leave ’em in the comments.


L.A. council seeks speed limit for skateboarders – Los Angeles Times


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  1. Brooke Hug Us

    While I am of course glad that skating was not banned all together, it is hard to hear that the city is cracking down in this way. 25mph is very limiting especially for those who enjoy downhill riding. I hope that in the future a private road will be donated for the sole purpose of skateboarding. One can dream, right?

  2. Raymond Keating

    25mph is lame I can push on flat land at 20mph. An it is true there are speed limits for cars an they go faster then it so of course we will, an for stop signs we have a spotter, for lights we just time it or shut down before it. If they do pass this we still will skate, they can't stop us all!

  3. Ian Baldwin

    25 is so ridiculous its like they are trying to become our mothers….besides how will we know if we are "breaking the law" its not a car there's no way we could check!

  4. Jodi Willis

    Speed limit laws apply to "motors" Skateboards DOn't have motors! If we let this law pass, next thing u know, they will be telling us how fast we can/or cant run! Give me a break! What, r they gona be posted with their radar guns, hiding around the corner? And "impound" our boards? Paaa leeez!

  5. Jack Pascale

    if they tryed to take my landyachtz away with my serf rodzz and 83mm centrax I would kill somebody! there is no way there ginna make a speed lim. of 25. that's so BS. You should look at skatboards like bikes. they should be all the same.

  6. Kevin Cecil

    We need to educate the public. People see longboarding and they don't know what it is. People think of rude punk skaters riding around causing chaos. We need to educate the public so they know more about longboarding and what it is. Doing things like showing how longboarders are safe, vigilant, and respectful people will get rid of some of the discrimination. Doing things to promote positive relations with the public will help brighten our image. Activities like riding around a city and giving food and clothes to the homeless along with media coverage would be awesome. Skateboarding in Los Angeles has become so accepted because skaters have given back to the community and the city. People also need to understand that longboarding is a commuting method and deserve the same respect on the road as cyclists or joggers. When I am riding around my neighborhood and city, I am often seen as a punk who is getting in the way of drivers and is going to get himself killed; when I am really just getting around town. Having local events like push races or slide jams and getting the public/city involved is very important. In my city of Chattanooga, the longboard shop L2 boards is hosting a push race, slide jam, and downhill race this fall. I am hoping to be able to contribute to this by getting lots of volunteers and media coverage. I am also trying to create a longboarding club at my highschool in partnership with the longboard shop and city. I thank you for letting me share my opinion and hope this might be of help to someone.

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