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Interview with the BC Collective

[Skate]Slate recently connected with the BC Collective to shoot a new video collaboration guest starring a Vancouver legend. While we wait for the video to drop, here’s a quick interview with the guys from the Collective.

Who are you guys and where are you from?

We are from White Rock, British Columbia.

How old are you, how long have you been riding, and how did you get into downhill?

We are all 16, except Spencer who is 17. We all roughly started about 2 or 3 years ago

What’s the scene like in White Rock?

It’s pretty sick, lots of young kids are starting to pick it up. White Rock has great terrain for freeriding, lots of tight steep alleys with some nice hairpins.

What kind of stuff do you guys like to ride?

Mostly steep, tight, technical alleys. We are starting however to get into more downhill oriented stuff.

What do you do besides downhill?

Freeriding mostly, that’s what we usually focus on in our videos as well.

How did the Collective get started?

Well there were four of us who skated together daily and enjoyed making videos. Rather then have several different channels we decided to combine our efforts into a single, “collective” one.

What are your plans for the Collective?

Oh boy, we are gonna be busy this summer. We will be making a bunch of new videos and are in the stages of planning a new series for this summer. We are also planning to hit most of the BC races this summer.

Shout outs? Sponsors?

We would like to say thanks to: Loaded/Orangatang, Rayne, Comet, Switchback and Surf-Rodz. Without them we would not have the resources to continue our videos.

Check out the BC Collective on YouTube