Kody Noble Ollie

Trick Tip: Learn An Ollie with Kody Noble

Now that more downhill skaters are working to become better all around skaters, Kody Noble here is to teach the most basic and foundational of all skateboard maneuvers: The Ollie. If you don’t know how to do one, then it’s time you learned.

Kody Noble is here to show you one of the most important tricks you can learn on a skateboard, the Ollie. Once you learn the all important Ollie, the realm of what is possible on a skateboard will open up immensely. Noble demonstrates a wide range of applications for this trick on each of the Arbor Shakedown skateboards including the 32, 35, and 38 inch models. You can pop Ollies anywhere, anytime you are riding no matter if you are freeriding, sidewalk surfing or attacking the skatepark. Get this trick down and it’ll open the door for all kinds of more advanced tricks and it’ll just make your skateboarding so much more fun. So go have more fun!

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