The new Loaded Dervish Sama

Loaded recently started hinting that something was going to happen to their perennial favorite, the Dervish. Now it’s clear just what they had in store. The Dervish has been reborn as the Dervish Sama. Retaining much of the same character, this new deck is revised to meet the needs of today’s riders. Keep a watch for a review coming soon.

Sama is the Whirling Dervish ceremony focusing on active meditation as a tool for the individual’s spiritual journey.

In 2007 we introduced the Dervish: our first venture into drop-through construction and an opportunity to create a flexy, versatile, bamboo composite carver. Over the last five years, riders have used the Dervish to shape modern carving and longboard freestyle. These riding evolutions have inspired our design journey, culminating in the latest incarnation: the Dervish Sama.

Featuring a slightly wider platform and more pronounced concave than its predecessor, the Dervish Sama offers enhanced comfort, responsiveness, and edge control for carving and sliding. Subtle upturned nose and tail kicks increase pop and lock your feet in for freestyle tricks. A six-piece griptape pattern uses coarser grip at the kicks for extra control and mellower grip across the standing platform for comfortable and inappropriate footsie action. We’ve also introduced a third flex rating to allow more riders to dial in their ideal balance of comfort and liveliness.

The Dervish Sama will be available through select shops and distributors worldwide on May 29th.

Due to the iconic nature of the original Dervish, it will continue to be available through Loaded shops and distributors for a limited time.

For more details on the Dervish Sama, please visit the Loaded Blog:
The Dervish Sama

For a little visual morsel, check out the teaser video (official video to be released May 28th):
YouTube – Whirling Dervish . . . Sama (Teaser)

To enlightened states of shred,
The Loaded Crew