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Longboard Girls Crew – 100K Party!

A few months ago Monica Madenfrost told me the LGC page would hit 100,000 fans sometime in April and they would be having a party to celebrate. I’ve needed an excuse to return since September, so this was the perfect escape from the beautiful English spring.

When Spanish people invite you to skate at 9:30pm, that usually means it’ll start at 11pm. This phenomenon is known as ”Spanish time”. Little did I know that different rules came in to play when said event is a party!

The following paragraphs constitute a ”how-to” of name dropping. Viewer discretion is advised.

This party started a little early for me. I met up with my giant viking buddy at the airport and he had a special package from me – a brand new board from Sweden! (thanks Dr Longboard for the board and Hitoshi for the graphic). Stoked to be riding a European deck! Euro wheels and trucks next.

Our first stop was casa de Madenfrost. Had a quick shower after big hugs with the girls and Chus. Walking through the TONS of swag on the floor was mad. I’ve never seen so many decks and boxes of t-shirts.

WAU films - Chus, stoke generator!

We got to the club at 10:30 to set up, carrying boxes of stuff and skating around the MASSIVE empty club. Loads of familiar faces started to turn up to help, Carlota, Valeria, Juan. And before you could say ”switch nose blunt 360”, the whole place was looking ever so dapper.

Juan Rayos - BMX maestro

The girls had arranged for a mini ramp on the dance floor and there were 6 disgustingly talented BMX riders keeping us entertained while the club started to fill up.

Early arrivals from TEAM UK – (Keith from ‘Thane Magazine, Mark Short and Will Edgecombe) were on hand to help with the complimentary bottles of Jaeger and Whiskey (thanks girls).

WAU films - Team UK

Things kicked off around 12, the club was about half full with tons of people on boards having a go on the ramp. Lots of surprised faces as I don’t think anyone knew the guy from London was coming. Big hugs with Jorge BobadillaRaSpartaco (posing above) and the rest of the Putos.

A big screen in front had a live video DJ cutting together a bunch of girl’s videos, one of which was a video of Marisa which featured this familiar logo:

Sonso Masia comes running in – LOOK! That’s me! Her video was on repeat on the 2 screens by the entrance. Pretty damn awesome.

WAU films - chicas

The music was incredible. WOW! Hats off to Yannick aka Mr Youspots, another skater from London who put on an amazing DJ set, Alvaro and crazy Ivan. I’m not exaggerating – my ears were ringing ’til 3pm the next day.

WAU films - Yannick on the wheels of steel

Hearing Metallica was the musical highlight of my night. Or was it the dubstep remix of Nirvana’s ”Come As You Are”? Whichever it was, the music was absolutely flawless. Amazing mixing, lots of real music – Dead Prez, Rage Against the Machine. The happiest moment for me was when Queens Of The Stone Age’ – ”Little Sister” came on and Keith told me our longboard App just got accepted in the Apple AppStore!! STOKED TO HIGH HEAVENS!

WAU films - that face captures how I felt

Up ‘til that point the party was amazing, then it just went crazy. Went moshing in the middle of the madness. And then a few of us went upstairs to the Jaegermeister room. But like Mark said – what happens in the Jaeger room, dies in the Jaeger room.

Juan Rayos - The girls behind the magic: Charlie, Jacky, Valeria & Monica

When everyone arrived they entered a draw to win one of the > 9,000 Kebbek, Rayne, Buddywood or Sector9 boards which had been sent to stoke the party. At 3am, it was giveaway time! The girls went on stage and started talking in Spanish, which I have as much of a command of as I do quantum mechanics.

WAU films - picking winners

There was a lot of shit. Names were pulled from a box. People were happy. After the schwag giving -shirts and balloons were thrown into a drunk mass of skaters. It was definitely fun to watch.

WAU films - Kebbek schwag

WAU films - Rayne schwag

Juan Rayos - Catching stuff

Did some more dancing and hugging. Met the super talented skater and hugger – Susana Torroais (who won the sliding part of the slide jam on Saturday). Kati Torrabella – winner of the best smile in Skateboarding. Such a sweet, sweet girl AND amazing downhill skater! Look out for her white teeth on the Eurotour.

WAU films - widest smile in skateboarding

Oh. The girls had arranged for some people from Jaegermeister to electrify the party. Let’s just say… Actually let’s not say anything. Hats off to the Jaeger girls.

Juan Rayos - Jaeger Joyful princess

Forward to 6:30, ears were nearly bleeding, couldn’t feel my legs, arms were sore. Smile was permanent. Such a great party for such an amazing occasion! LGC has changed the world of longboarding as we know it, and this is only the beginning.

WAU films - aerial shot

WAU films - The Princess and his imaginary girlfriend

Thanks to everyone who made the party amazing.

WAU films - Vikings All the way from Finland

Epilogue: Woke up on Jacky’s couch surrounded by 7 beautiful women. Post party pyjama party was awesome. Massive thanks to Marta Guillen, Maitane Gnarscon and Eider for being my translators. OS QUIERO CHICAS.

WAU - Girls Over Wheels

¡Viva España!

Photo credits: WAU Films, Juan Rayos


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