We’re on our way

We’re On Our Way

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Skate[Slate] is extremely proud to present this original video featuring Aidan Lynds and Tyler Peterson-Gillingham, produced in collaboration with Rayne Longboards.

A while ago I received messages from both Aidan and Tyler. Two things were apparent, they wanted to do a downhill video, and they wanted to film together. I was stoked on the idea because I’ve only featured them separately before, and the majority of videos out there now are focused on freeriding. The downhill aspect of this video gave me a chance to make an engaging and upbeat video that showcased the speed of this sport. (At least, that’s what I hope I achieved.)

Filming “We’re On Our Way” was a lot of fun (out in the deep wilderness of Nebraska.. seriously…) I’ll admit, it was a little challenging at times to get the shot I wanted since Tyler and Aidan were haulin’ balls. And no, not each others’… I would never film that! Nonetheless, we made the most of the day and got’er done in one afternoon. Jake Fast (Rayne Longboards) happened to be visiting from Cali. and was a huge help spotting and even filming. The follow shots from the front were actually Jake’s doing. He just sat on the floor in the back of my van filming with the door up as I drove like Ken Block in front of Aidan and Tyler. (Check out Jake groovin’ around 1:46.. keep in mind there was no music at the time!)

Both Aidan and Tyler are super chill and easy to get along with. They’re rad skaters and always stoked on whatever pops into my mind (well, they pretend to be).. Plus they understand the commitment needed when making a film. They’re cool with constant badgering from my end. Things like “Aw CUSS I didn’t hit record, can you walk up and do it again?” or “Yo mama got in the way of the sun… basically it’s underexposed, can you walk up and do it again, again?” Plus, both of them nail everything so I knew exactly what they were going to do and when.. It was just up to my slow-ass hands to follow the motion.. but I’m currently trying to find a cheap midget to do my filming for me. No luck.

All in all I was pleased to piece this one together.. Actually had the rough cut done that same night. I was just too stoked on the day to leave the footage lying dormant. So for now, please enjoy the vid. Up and coming videos? Not 100% sure, but there’s talk of more vids in a, how shall I say, duet-style. Nah that’s lame. Tag-team… Nevermind, that’s just sexual. What can I say, I like filming with rad dudes. I heard Charlie Darragh and Alex Johnston (Landyachtz / EVGS) like to film. Hmm…

…Now let me get back to my peanut butter and banana sandwich.


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