Beton on fire 2012(c) Alexandra Pauli

Beton on Fire 2012: Day 1

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I thought it would be cool to let the rest of the skate world know what we’ve been up to here at the Altenberg bobtrack in Germany. Today was our first day back at the Beton on Fire event. And it was SICK….obviously. The skaters got in a “VIP” practise session for the morning. We were all up at 07:00 and at the track by 08:00. Considering we got here late last night we were pretty exhausted but too excited to care.

We were met by Philipp Auerswald, the organiser. After catch up, greetings and free gear which consisted of a sweet as t-shirt, a cap and a bib representing our countries, we took a walk down the track. It shocked me at how steep the track was, I really didn’t remember. I was quite quickly reminded of how awesome this whole thing is and the stoke was back in a second. By 10:00 I guess we were ready to head down. It was awesome as to how quick everyone got comfortable. After the second run we were all up at our start. Last year it took two days to get into full gear and give horns, this year was quick. We all progressed together very well. There were a few crashes but nothing major and we usually had them caught on GoPro. My philosophy is, “if your eating was recorded it’s a well worth bail”.

 By the end of the day we heard news of a 90% chance of rain tomorrow, serious bummer! I ask the skate family to pray for clear skies. So we each got one recorded time trial. As it stands, Hack is in first place, myself in second and Danny in 3rd. But that’s lame, we are all thinking positive for a good second day and no rain. But whatever, all in all today was epic!

To be honest with you, I’m finished. We all are. And to be completely honest I’m pretty keen to get back to the party outside! So here’s a little raw edit and some pics that will hopefully give you better insight.

Over and out

Shout outs to Alexandra Pauli for the photos and Alex Duss for putting in the time to make a quick edit.