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First IGSA race in Mexico

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There are so many races and events happening in North America these days. As far as downhill skateboarding events are concerned, North America has meant Canada and the USA. Not anymore. Ahora, la carrera de downhill skateboarding es en México!  They even give you a free set of Orangatang wheels if you are one of the first 50 registered. What do you think Skate[Slate] readers, should I go cover the race in Mexico in early July?

I’m considering travelling to Mexico for this event. It’s short notice and I’m on the fence at this point. Help me decide by commenting or liking this article.  I only just heard about it recently. It was difficult for me to search for it with english keywords. But, it looks to be a great event and it sounds like some Japanese racers are already scheduled to compete there. All you global travelling IGSA point chasers, what do you think? Here’s some info, a video, and a link to their website.

MONTERREAL LONGBOARD FEST 2012 is an international IGSA sancitoned event of 3 days (July 6th through 8th) that’s carried out in the mountains of Arteaga, Coahuila, in the northeast of Mexico.  The festival includes a downhill skateboarding race, festival with good musical groups/djs select, camping, cabins and other amusing and recreational activities outdoors far from the urban chaos.  The general public is welcome as well. 

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MONTERREAL LONGBOARD FEST  2012  es  un  evento  internacional  de  3  días  que  se  lleva  a  cabo  en  las  montañas  de  Arteaga,  Coahuila, al noreste de México.  El festival com­prende  de  una  carrera de downhill skateboarding,  fiesta con buenos grupos/djs selectos,  camping, cabañas  y  otras  actividades  recreativas y divertidas al aire libre lejos del caos urbano. Todo esto con acceso libre para el público en general.


Del 6 al 8 de julio nos reuniremos en la cercanía del pequeño pueblo  Mesa de las Tablas, Coahuila, reconocido como uno de los lugares mas famosos y retadores para DH longboarding en México. Siendo el primer encuentro oficial de IGSA en nuestro país, es un gran honor recibir competidores de toda la república mexicana, Estados Unidos y Canadá.


Un fin de semana para celebrar sin que nos persigan los emails, la contaminación y el estrés de las urbes. Disfrutando de la mejor vista, mucha adrenalina, buena fiesta, rica comida regional e internacional, alternativas  de acampar o consentirse con una cabaña alpina y mas importante aún, convivir entre la frescura de la naturaleza y la amable gente que habita estas bellas montañas.



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  1. Alejandro Torres

    Hey Güeros! come down here, we have fiesta, tacos, tequila & chiquichores waiting for you all.
    Website has complete english version just click on the British flag. No excuses!

  2. Fer Bailleres

    well, yeeah man, first thing you have to know, is that might be the most technical and faster race coming up this season for the noram series!

  3. Gerardo Moreno

    Fast and technical course! Rad event, great party and BBQ! what else can you ask for?

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