How Billy gets his bones.

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Billy - Before and after the bones.


Billy Meiners is certainly a great skateboard rider. He has put in his time as a racer, a zoobomber, and an all-around skater. In addition to his skilled riding, Billy has been known for his “bones” leather suit. He just purchased his fourth set of leathers and it’s the third time he’s painted bones on them. Why does he choose bones? Is he into dead things? Maybe it’s a Dia de Los Muertos theme. I documented part of his recent painting. 

Billy’s friend Laura came over and helped him paint most of the bones on his suit. Check out the tombstones above Billy in the window. Creepy…

Billy and Laura make a plan.

Laura did a bone-smashing good job.

Billy gets white spread all over his leg. Not the first time that's happened.

Billy shows his bony butt as he prepares for a colonoscopy.

I helped too.

Billy with most of his bones.