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[/wptouch] Just finished what was probably the best critical mass EVER. One of the best skates of my entire life. So so so good. I feel ALIVE! Tonight I fell in love with Thoria (my new board). I hadn’t mentioned her much before because we were still feeling each other out. She was a stranger, the perfect stranger, but a stranger all the same – but one with whom I was destined to fall in love with. And tonight, after a rather public and tumultuous consummation of our union – I am unashamedly and wildly in love.

Nothing, absolutely NOTHING feels better than when you progress, growth of your skate balls feels amazing. And I owe it all to my new baby (and skating lots). Critical mass is a rather gentle monthly push through our city with about 1,000 participants, it happens all over the world and we have been welcomed with open arms by London’s cyclists.

It’s better than any session you’ve been to! It’s a massive moving party – and it’s definitely the most fun you can have, especially if you’ve never seen London.

One of my new years resolutions was to learn to skate switch. And tonight was the first time I took my skogging shoes out in public. Pushing goofy, mongo and switch, and it felt quite comfortable. It was good keeping up with everyone pushing on my weaker foot.

As with every critical mass – there is no predetermined route. Whoever is in front leads the army of self propelled vehicles wherever their heart pleases.

This mass was different, we started by bombing Aldwych underpass aka epic tunnel and it only claimed one victim! Then we made our way to Euston and it was all downhill from there. I have always known London was flat, but the evidence before me this evening leaves me with hope. We went down some really big slopes and didn’t push for about 5 minutes – pretty awesome.

All the new people were keeping up, and at every stop I saw a new face I did not recognise, such a great turnout! Aside from that, there was a rather interesting phenomenon – the number of bustin boards in town. Usually it’s just me and Sam on our robots. But tonight there were about 7 of them. 3 maestros, more robots even an ibach.

I really got to know my baby and found a comfortable tuck position with my eyes closed. That felt really nice, I’m usually more comfortable pushing fast than just letting gravity do the work. We picked up a couple of new skaters on our way around town. They had never seen other people riding and suddenly there were hundreds of us. The smiles on their faces after taking over the busiest shopping street in europe was the icing on a very gnarly cake.

On top of that icing was a short Brazilian cherry – My buddy Bruno gave me some amazing news – he’d just picked up a truck sponsor – Sabre! In addition to Octane, Arbor, Pavel, Cult etc. Really really happy for him, he’s a rad skater and a great member of the community and deserves everything he’s got, and will get.

This will always be one of the most popular sessions in the UK because of the super chill atmosphere, music and cans of beer which appear mysteriously in your hand every time you stop. Thank you invisible beer fairy. You are the best.

Massive thanks to everyone who came from far away (especially the guys from Reading).

Really really looking forward to next months’ push.

Photo Credits: Amanda Manke, Ben Stainer.

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  1. Randy Metz

    Who skates critical mass Los Angeles? Let's do it. Even if 6 people show up it's a start. When I started going to critical mass back in 1998, ( I think) only 6 or so people would show up on a regular basis and look at it now.

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