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Vernon DH8!!! Photos and results

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The Vernon DH8 went off this weekend! K-Rimes is continuing his dominant streak with another convincing win on the first race of the IGSA NorAm circuit.


1. Kevin Reimer
2. Zen Shikaze
3. Brendan Davidson
4. Patrick Switzer
5. Andrew Chapman
6. Jonas Richter
7. Justen Ortiz
8. James Kelly


1. Marisa Nunez
2. Elena Corrigall
3. Anna O’neill
4. Charlie Daigneault
5. Maia Johnson
6. Rachel Rayne
7. Victoria Waddington
8. Erica Greenup

Junior 2:

1. Jonas Richter
2. Brendan Davidson
3. Alex Johnston
4. Kelly Carter
5. Charlie Darragh
6. Quinn Finocchio
7. Brad Cameron
8. Bryan Reich

Junior 1:

1. Quinn Dubois
2. Greg Paproski
3. Max Moisanen

Early rise in the morning for the first day of Vernon DH as per usual in BC its raining, and quite a bit. A nice relaxed start with a few practice runs before lunch leading into two heats of qualifying in the wet and slippery course.

Switchback Longboards was busy at the mini lathe cutting rain grooves for all the unprepared riders.

Striker had to get inventive after the PA broke.

Race organizer Mischo Erban

Mischo stokes out a young race fan.

The breakdancers were a big hit.

James Kelly doesn’t seem to be fazed by his dislocation.

Podium video:

Contributors to this post: Patrick Switzer, Dawn Moisanen, Justin Readings, Braden Tibbles/Switchback Longboards.

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