Kelowna Cover

Kelowna Skylands DH race report

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Everyone was excited for one of the best tracks in the world. Kelowna incorporates all skills of racing. A few tucking sweepers, into two barely gripping corners left then right, and one more barely grippable right into a right hand hairpin to finish off.

With four times more residents than previous years there were tons of interruptions but Blake made things happen.

Some random troubles throughout race day slowed things down, including a resident who was taken from the course by police after running through the barriers and disturbing the riders passing the finish line.



1. Kevin Reimer
2. Andrew Chapman
3. Dillon Stephens
4. Patrick Switzer


1. Elena Corrigall
2. Marisa Nunez
3. Amy Brendon



1. Will Smallwood
2. Ian Rudge
3. Jackson Wells
4. Oliver Korman