Hella Bro Down

Hella BroDown – ABEC 11 Longboarding

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The Abec 11 boys get together and get rowdy on the hills of Northern California.

What are you doing next Saturday? Join the Abec11 GRN TM riders Aaron Grulich, Evren Ozan, Fernando Yuppie, Levi Green, and Nick Ronzani as they shred wheels and burn up the streets in this epic NorCal skate sesh. As Fernando would say, SK8 ALL DAY … KKKK!! 

Film/Edit by Trent Stake

Hella (Intensifier) Originating from the streets of San Francisco. Contraction of “Hell of a” or “Hell of a lot [of]”, commonly used to describe “a lot of something” or “something really good” : There’s hella beer in that fridge downstairs …

BroDown (Noun) A gathering of like-minded male youths between the ages of “born” and “still breathing” who are down for a good time. Basically a BroDown is when friends get together to shred and hang out : There was a bro-down showdown slide comp on Loretta Street last week …


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