Triple 8 Announcement

Triple 8 Longboard team expands to include #1 IGSA Ranked Patrick Switzer

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He’s been rocking his new lid for awhile, but now it’s official: P-Swiss is riding for Triple Eight. Congrats buddy! Props to Tamara Prader as well for joining the team. Click through to read the full press release.

Port Washington, NY – June 27th, 2012 – As the longboard specific product offerings by Triple 8 continue to grow, so does its Longboard Team. Patrick Switzer and Tamara Prader are the newest additions to the Triple 8 Team of longboarders which already includes Amanda Powell, Jessica Corchia, & a slew of other up‐and‐coming talents in downhill longboarding.

Patrick comes off of a 2011 season in which he finished first overall in the IGSA standings which included wins at Kozakov, Insul, Padova, & Winsport among a number of other top 5 finishes. To begin the 2012 season, Patrick swept the first three non‐IGSA events in the Philippines & took home second in a carnage filled final run in Australia at Mt. Keira. Now fresh off wins at Britannia & Danger Bay, Patrick is gathering steam as he heads into the meat of the IGSA circuit events beginning with Maryhill on June 27th. So look for P‐Swiss in his Triple 8 Racer Downhill helmet at an event near you.

Tamara Prader is also off to a hot 2012 start with a 1st place finish at Catalina followed by a 4th place finish at Danger Bay. Unfortunately Tamara had a bit of a run in with a hay bale which resulted in a broken arm. The good news though is the cast should be off just in time for Maryhill so we hope to see her back in racing shape by the end of the month.

“We could not be happier to have such a great group of athletes, and even better people, join our team” said Triple Eight President, Bobby Oppenheim. “It’s amazing to see how much the sport has progressed since we began offering longboard specific products over five years ago.” Keep an eye out for our longboard products on our team members as they look to dominate the 2012 season.