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Patrick Switzer Wins Maryhill, AGAIN!

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Never has one racer been at the top of the podium for Maryhill Festival of Speed like yesterdays comp.  In 2009 Patrick Switzer shook up the expected by winning Maryhill.  Yesterday,Switzer beat out Zak Maytum by only a few feet with Alex Tongue not too far behind.  Congrats to all 3 of you for a job well done.

Congratulations also to our ambassador Marisa Nuñez for placing third in the women’s division and to Jon Huey for cleaning up in the classic luge race.

For more info, check out IGSA’s Official Site.  To learn a little more about these riders, click the links above!

I’m pretty certain Pat would like to thank Rayne, Orangatang, Triple 8, NOS, Patagonia, Vicious and Longboard Loft & Skate[Slate].  These are his poeple….yeehaw!~



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