Malibu Memories: Jive Talk

I don’t know why I came to this realization this morning, but I did. It was as though I was hiding under a sheet and someone pulled it off all suddenly to find me there surprised and awkwardly posed. The sudden realization hit home, that I’m growing up. I may only be twenty five, and I know at that comment I’ll have all the older dudes pish’ing and posh’ing throwing their hands up like it’s no big deal, but for me, this sudden realization resulted in one of those sit back and stare off into space moments. It came as I was digging through an older hard drive this morning. Like a miniature time capsule, I discovered it ever so perfectly positioned at the bottom of a box I was getting ready to throw away. Upon plugging it in and sifting through its contents, old photos of ex-girlfriends, projects that never came to fruition, assorted odds and ends, I came upon a video.

Upon watching this little video I was instantly brought back eight months (based on the last time the video was viewed). Now I know what you’re thinking… eight months? that’s nothing! Yeah, I thought that too, but then I thought about all the things that I’ve lived through in that span of time between then and now. All the things that have happened to longboarding since then. All the injuries, all the progression, all the good times and bad. And then suddenly, I felt older. Like I had let the air out of a balloon.

I guess it’s just the time we’re living in these days. The internet and the whole aspect of touch and go media results in just a constant barrage of clips, photos, and blog posts. There’s never really any time to sit back and process anymore. You see, I already know that I’m going to turn into one of those old grandpa’s with the cane, rattling off left and right with the phrase, “back in my day…”. And it’s that thought that brings me comfort. You earn that phrase. I can’t wait to tell my grandchildren stories of how we use to ride boards made out of wood, or trucks with one kingpin. It’s going to be awesome. But until I hang up my board in exchange for a cane, I’m going to keep on shredding. Because at the end of the day, it’s the experiences and the memories, that are worth everything.

So enjoy this little video I came upon. It may not be THAT old, but I can surly say that I feel like I’ve lived a lifetime since it was produced.