Maryhill Festival of Speed photos by Jon Huey

You’ve already read the news. Skate Slate’s own ambassador won Maryhill Festival of Speed for the second time. But, you may not have known that I won the classic luge (buttboard) race. Then again, maybe you don’t care. I do though! I’m super stoked and have bragging rights for a year, so “nah nah, and blah blah!” Eat it! Enjoy these photos.

Patrick Switzer had the Second fastest qualifying time behind Zak Maytum.

Byron Essert lofts a disaster on the ramp Five Mile built.

Zak Maytum sings the National Anthem for the United States of America.

Max Wipperman leads a heat into the final corner. Notice the crowd on the corner above.

This quarter final heat was tight. Absolutely great racing.

Sooooooooooo close.

And now, the finals!

I had just finished my buttboard final race when I ran back to the finish line to catch Alicia Fillback winning the women’s final heat with a big lead over Rebekka Gemperle.

The audience of downhill skateboarders were starting to get bored and decided to give some of the final heats a warm flagellant welcome.

Max Wipperman gets barreled in the wave of balls… I mean bails.

The finals were unfortunate with Kevin Reimer and Billy Bones getting tangled up on the push. Even further, Douglas Dalua was pinched out of an inside line on the second repeater. This left Patrick Switzer, Zak Maytum, and Alex Tongue contending for the podium.

Patrick leads Zak and Alex into the final corner.

Zak gets in that P-Swiss ass, so to speak.

Patrick is stoked for his second win.

OG stand up rider John Rogers is stoked to pose next to his street luge trophy.

Rebekka Gemperle had the fastest qualifying time out of all the women there.

But as far as the racing was concerned, Alicia Fillback out of Portland won the women’s heat. Rebbekka got second and Skate Slate’s Ambassador, Marisa Nuñez, came in third.

Patirck Switzer won his second Maryhill Festival of Speed. Zak had a close second and Alex Tongue was stoked for the podium.

Slalom boards are king for the Maryhill track. See you all next year! Oh, I forgot to mention, I won the buttboard race! I didn’t have a T-shirt for my board sponsor, Subsonic, so I had the artist Alicia Fillback paint a logo on my hairy chest. Big thanks to Alicia for bearing through the barely bare bear while I drank a beer…

Alicia Fillback paints on a Subsonic logo on my hair shirt for the Buttboard podium.