Barbara Britvin Photography: Argentina

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Last weekend I went on a road trip, about 800 km distance to get to San Luis.
San Luis is a province in Argentina, almost in the middle of it, where you can find mountains, lakes, rivers and a lot to do. We left with Mariano at midday of friday to get there at night… It was kind of cold, cause winter is getting closer and closer, and at night, without the sun… the outside gets freezing.  We arrived to Potrero de los Funes, the place where the IGSA Snake Skeleton takes place. The guys organizing have a beautiful hostel tos tay just 5 minutes from the road of competition.

 The guys from Argentina Longboard are incharge of everything there and they made us feel really at home.
On saturday morning we woke up and we had a warm breakfast to ge tus ready to go and hit some hills.

That same morning Colora, a beatiful red haired photographer, came with us to take some Pictures, while the boys, Mariano and Nahuel ride, we, the girls, took some pics of the place and action shots.

Weekend was all about that, a loto f dh and freeride pictures and good times with friends eating warm food and exploring along the mountains and rivers around. IGSA Snake Skeleton is waiting anxiously for everyone to come around, Hostel Vital, is a very good spot to stay at.  It is getting prepared to receive all the pro riders of the IGSA ranking.

Here are some of the pics that turned out of the weekend… some natural and some extreme photoshop creations, all inspired by the beautiful San Luis and Longboarding lifestyle.