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The Ice Cream Push Race

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6 brave/stupid guys (depending on how you look at it) have decided to skate 180 miles from London to Cardiff this summer to raise money for MacMillan Cancer Support. They also set themselves the hefty target of £10,000.00. This race was a great way to raise some money for a very worthy cause and get some skating done at the same time.

2 years ago, I met legendary UK skater Timmy Peters and he told me about a push race they had which ended at an ice-cream van. I’ve been looking for an excuse to watch everyone try to juggle exhaustion with brain freeze, and finally this push race presented itself as the perfect opportunity.

The plan was simple. Everyone was asked to donate at least £2. An ice-cream costs about £2, so instead of paying for an ice-cream, the £2 would go to charity. London Longboards would cover the cost of the good stuff.
The route was short, about 5 minutes pushing on the slightest uphill. We had a good turnout but not an epic one, which is good, as I’m confident the ice-cream vendor may not have coped so well with the pressure of dispensing 100 ice-creams in 5 minutes.

We had timed 5 person races. Fastest time won the brand new LongboardLarry Pusher donated by our LongboardGary owner of UK shop Smile Longboards. The first run had a few crazy pushers, they set the quickest times, about 4 minutes to push, each got their ice-cream as they crossed the line. Then it got interesting. Tired and dehydrated they had to consume their frozen dessert before the other competitors. James Ritossa was first across the line and wasn’t too entertaining to watch ice-cream eating wise. He wolfed it down pretty quickly without making any faces and set a time of 4:22, which wasn’t beaten.

Mike from Florida was much more fun to watch. He crossed 3rd close behind Mr Bailey, but it turns out he doesn’t like ice-cream. He had one bite, made an upside down from, took another bite, and threw his ice-cream away. I guess he flaked. Bailey got ice-cream all over his face but finished fast. Afro Ben decided he would enjoy his ice-cream. He sat down, crossed his legs and was no fun to watch at all. He still managed to finish 4th.

Rehat did the race on his penny. Not wise. He did get the funniest ice-cream presentation ever from super volunteer Ben Head.

If I had a prize for fastest ice-cream consumption it would go to Miss Alise D who got to the finish line, looked at the scrawny ice-cream and put the WHOLE THING in her mouth. One shot kill. RIP Cone.

Lots of people had ice-cream on their eyebrows, down their chins, with their eyes scrunched in pain from brain freeze. It was wonderful. The finish line was a great place to be. After the races we did prizes and had a pretty good session.

We had a surprise visitor, who I hadn’t seen for about 2 years. Nadim Burkan from Slovenia, organiser of one of Europe’s favourite freerides – KnK longboard camp. It was great to have his help as well as Matt, James, Markus, Jorge, Vicky, Iina, Katsu and Arafat. Thank you all for timing and holding the ice-creams when I was too busy laughing at people’s faces.

Big hugs to Julie for taking stunning photos – again! We’ll miss you. Have fun in Hong Kong.
Thanks again to Smile Longboards for the awesome first prize and to AllAroundSkate for the t-shirt!
We raised £108 for a great cause, quite happy with that!

If you would like to donate to this great cause, here is a link to the contribution page

Peace and Gnar

Photos by Julie Tai