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Buenos Aires Border Jam

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On Sunday the 22nd in Buenos Aires we had a great longboarding event. They called it Big Border Jam!
The Big Border Jam took place in a neighborhood called Barracas, just near by the city downtown in Buenos Aires.

Categories were for different disciplines and for every rider to show the best of their skills.

Around 11am we were all around this lovely skatepark near the road where the jam took place. The road had a little bit of inclination, just enough to get a constant velocity for slalom, the first of the competitions.
For slalom they had men and women categories, girls were not much, but they did rock, and Pamela Alvira got the first place.
Finals for men were tight, having good riders with good technique and fast enough to go through all cones without messing up.

To make the day better we had a second competition that consisted in doing the longest manual. I have no idea how long the longest manual was, but this guy made like 2 blocks without letting the nose of his board touch the floor. So he got the first place, congrats for Sebastian Alvarez!

For the next one, the competition was to do the longest stand-up… and here we saw great aggressive stand-ups as well as funny falls and the crowd yelling around.
A crazy rider, known as Axelito, did his best and got the greatest stand-up of all.

And last but not least, with the sun coming down, we all went to the middle of the skatepark and had a Freestyle show.
Freestyle was divided in two categories, Amateur and Open. With 1 minute each we saw almost 30 riders do their best tricks.  The youngest one of Open was the winner taking home some cash money and many products as a prize.
There was Money also for 2nd and 3rd place in Open category, the rest won lots of gifts from sponsors.

It was a great sunday for everyone and once again a good excuse for the longboard scene to keep on growing and making everyone come together.

Big Border Jam 2012 results:

Slalom (Men)

1º Ignacio Alo Martinez

Slalom (Women)

1º Pam Alvira


Longest Manual

Sebastian Alvarez


Longest Stand-up

Axel Mugneco


Freestyle Amateur

1º Sebastian Alvarez

2º Sere Acosta

3º Juan Cruz Gouget


Freestyle Open

1º Nahuel Zalazar

2º Nico Aon

3º Fabio Martinez


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  1. Daniel Risk

    I hope you liked the event that we do in Buenos Aires, hard work and dedication in this event, here are some link to a radio program where they will find more info about Big Border Jam http://www.long-lovers.com.ar/ I hope you liked it, greetings from Argentina. Daniel Risk

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